Celebrating Excellence

Saddleback College is proud to celebrate the excellence of its students!

From the Honors Program:

Honors Medallion

At completion of the Honors Program in Good Standing:

  • Medallion

  • Certificate

  • Transcript Notation

Students who complete the Honors Program are celebrated in a special May ceremony.

The medallion is awarded based upon courses completed and grades received as of that date. Transcript notation and certificates are awarded only after all grades are posted for the semester in which the program was completed.

From Saddleback College:

Semester honors:

The Dean's List is based on GPA and units. It is a semester honor; it does not reflect cumulative GPA, only the semester's GPA. Note: Unit thresholds may differ for DSPS students

  • 3.25 or higher in at least 12 units or
  • 3.50 or higher in at least 6 units

Graduation honors ("Latin honors") are based on cumulative GPA.

  • Cum laude
    3.50 - 3.74 GPA
    earns gold tassel
  • Magna cum laude
    3.75 - 3.99 GPA
    earns gold tassel and cord
  • Summa cum laude 
    4.0 GPA
    earns gold tassel, cord, stole

Two Honors Program students at commencement


Other honors:

The "Transfer Cord," woven of cardinal, gold, and black, is awarded to all transferring students participating in the Transfer Center's annual recognition event.

Cardinal, gold, and black "Transfer Cord"

Tassels, cords, and stoles are given to students before the commencement ceremony based upon grades received at that date. Diplomas are not printed until after all grades are in, and adjustments will be made (up or down) as necessary at that time.  

Although tassels, cords, and stoles are free to students, the cap and gown are not. However, some programs, such as EOPS, may help with buying or borrowing caps and gowns.

Saddleback celebrates students in certain groups and programs (e.g., VETS) with special regalia. 

From Our Affiliate Honor Societies:

Graduates wearing regalia from honor societies.

Alpha Gamma Sigma

Some active members may purchase the Alpha Gamma Sigma stole. The chapter's by-laws may define eligibility.

The stole must be purchased via the advisor, as Alpha Gamma Sigma requires advisors to verify good standing before approving purchase of the stole.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa members may purchase Phi Theta Kappa graduation regalia directly from the Phi Theta Kappa website at https://www.ptk.org. Members often choose the sash, blue and gold cord, medallion or key. Phi Theta Kappa offers a gold tassel too, but Saddleback's Cum Laude honors has that covered automatically!

Psi Beta

Members of the national community college honor society in psychology, Psi Beta, are eligible for special graduation regalia.  

Other subject-area honor societies may have their own regalia. Contact the appropriate faculty advisor to inquire. 

Congratulations, Alumni!

Honors Program Summa Cum Laude Graduate