Certificate Requirements

"Honors student" can mean many things, but the Certificate Track is special. You could already call yourself an "Honors student" by virtue of your GPA alone, or perhaps by virtue of your membership in an academic honor society like Alpha Gamma Sigma or Phi Theta Kappa or one of the discipline-specific societies. And of course, you would be an Honors student by virtue of your being in Honors classes and doing that high level of work.

You have, however, gone beyond that. You are moving toward fulfillment of a rigorous academic program that is designed not only to help you transfer but also -- and really more importantly -- be successful on the upper-division level and even further on into graduate or professional school.

Your status as a Certificate-Track Honors Student shows that you have embraced a special academic world, and the faculty and staff of the Honors Program will work hard to help you thrive in it. 

In this section you can find out exactly what your responsibilities are as a Certificate-Track Honors Student. If your questions aren't answered here, please contact us.

Good Standing Requirements

Course Requirements

Honors Program Completion Medal