To earn the Honors Program Certificate, students must not only be in Good Standing as Certificate-Track students, which includes a UC-transferable GPA of 3.25, but also complete their Honors coursework with a GPA of at least 3.2. 

The certificate recognizes the student's successful completion of the following courses. :

Graduation Picture of Former President Richard McCullough Former Saddleback College President Richard McCullough wore his Honorary Honors Program Medal with pride at the 2008 Commencement Ceremony, just before his retirement.

Dr. McCullough was one of the leaders of the faculty team that designed the Honors Program in 1988, creating a cross-disciplinary core supplemented by elective classes.

Over his Saddleback career Dr. McCullough was also Professor of Biology; President of the Academic Senate; Dean of the Division of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering; and Vice President for Instruction.

Honors Composition Core:   

(3 - 6 units)

English composition/research

  • Option 1 (4 units): ENG 1AH
  • Option 2 (3 units): ENG 1BH
  • Option 3 (6 units): LIB2H and any Honors English Literature or extra Capstone course (see below)

Students are welcome to take more than one course in this category. Additional courses taken will count as Honors Breadth courses. 

Honors Breadth:   

(8 - 9 units)

In consultation with an Honors Counselor, students choose among Honors electives here or at Irvine Valley College. The units required depends upon the Composition Core Option taken. Students completing Option 1 (ENG 1AH) need at least eight (8) breadth units; students completing Option 2 or Option 3 need at least nine (9).

Breadth courses may be taken at Saddleback or Irvine Valley College or at other California community colleges belonging to the Honors Transfer Council of California

Honors Capstone Core: Culture, Science, Society  

(3 units)

Any of the courses below.  

  • HON 11H - Renaissance
  • HON 12H - The Postmodern World
  • HON 13H - Power, Resistance, Empire
  • HON 14H - Transformation of Empire

Students are welcome to take more than one of these courses. Additional HON courses may count either toward Honors Breadth or as a substitute for Honors English Literature under Option 3 above.

Important: Taking two HON classes may be needed for your transfer plans!
Especially if you are planning to transfer to UC Irvine, check with your Honors Counselor about the number of HON courses you will need in  your particular case.

HON Culture, Science, Society courses are available only at Saddleback College.

Students who completed the Honors Program

Eric Bremen followed Joseph Hassine
not only in completing the Honors Program
but also in becoming Associated Student Body President.
Each is an alumnus of whom we are very proud.


Students who complete the Honors Program receive the Honors Program Medal, the Completion Certificate, and the transcript notation, “Honors Program Completed [Sem/Yr].”

This is not automatic.
It is each student's responsibility to complete the Petition for Honors Completion Certificate and Transcript Notation (available on Canvas).