HTCC: Honors Transfer Council of California

Building Bridges, Constructing Futures 2019

Share your work in a professional setting

Strengthen your transfer applications
and professional resume

Compete for awards and scholarships
ranging from $200 to $1000

Compete for a UCI Research Fellowship
if you transfer to UCI

Be eligible to submit your work for publication in the conference journal

For guidelines and more conference information, visit the Honors Transfer Council of California conference site. That site has lots of information, including pages on

  • Preparing Your Abstract
  • Abstract Samples
  • Abstract Scoring Rubric
  • Awards & Scholarships
  • Conference Etiquette
  • Day-Of Info
  • Oral Presentations
  • Poster Samples and Rubric
For the HTCC Conference, you do not submit your work to HTCC directly. 
Only the Honors Program Chair may submit abstracts.
Use this local link to submit your abstract to the Honors Program Office for approval.

before 11:55 pm Wednesday, Dec. 12th,

I'm ready to submit my abstract

Opportunities for HTCC Publication of Research:

The HTCC student research journal, Building Bridges, publishes selected abstracts from the conference, providing students with an opportunity to publish their work. Copies of the journal may be read in the Honors Program Office, and copies may be purchased on Amazon. The 2017 edition is available now, and 2018's edition will be available soon.

Building Bridges Journal


HTCC Honors Transfer Council of California Conference Poster - Presenter

T-SHIRTS will be available for purchase on the HTCC website and pick-up on the day of the conference. We'll post the design when we know it!

PINS are awarded to all presenters, mentors, and moderators. Some swag you can't buy.