Honors Student Benefits

Honors Program Benefits


All students enrolled in Honors classes follow the same syllabus, and all will receive Honors credit on their transcripts for the course. To be eligible for full Honors Program benefits, students must apply for and maintain good standing as Certificate-Track Honors Students. The graph below shows Honors Program benefits received by different student populations.

Changing from Walk-In to Certificate-Track Status: The Two-Course Deadline

Students may take as many Honors courses as they wish as Walk-Ins. However, students who complete two Honors courses without applying for Certificate-Track status lose their eligibility to apply. 

In order to maintain eligibility for Certificate-Track status,
Walk-In Honors Students must submit the application before they complete two Honors classes,
even if they do not meet the GPA or English composition criteria for admission.

Students who have done well in Honors courses but do not yet meet the GPA or English composition requirement for Certificate-Track status may be admitted on probation, but the application must be complete in order to preserve eligibility for admission.

* A Transfer Center counseling appointment is mandatory for Certificate-Track students every semester. 

** Honors Program completion is necessary for participation in all Honors transfer agreements; however, agreements vary widely. Program completion alone is not sufficient for eligibility to participate in every transfer agreement.

*** "Priority registration" means that students may register for classes one or two days before the regular registration window opens. Priority registration appointments are previous to those given to Freshman Advantage or Early-Bird students. Priority registration is regulated by the California Education Code, which specifies that certain populations such as concurrent high school students do not qualify. Honors Program students who are entitled to even earlier appointments, such as veterans or other special populations, will maintain their earlier appointments and not be affected by Honors Program participation.