IVC/SC Student Research Symposium

2020 Program

Posters of the 2020 symposium:

Gallery A:

Allison Jeon 

 Exploring the Most Effective Method to Improve Students’ Memory Retention

Michael Truong 

 South Korean Education System and Mental Health

Kian Zabihi 

 Integration of Syrian Refugees in Germany

Tianhui Zhao 

 The Hypersexualization of Female Avatars in Video Games

Gallery B:

Paul Doyle, Jr. 

 Hunting Those Pesky Aphids: Determining Which Color Helps Ladybugs
 Locate Them Faster

Arash Esmaeili 

 Electric Vehicles and the Auto Market: Future Financial Impact of EV and 
 PHEV on Automotive Companies

Tiffany Jean 

 Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Glimpse into the Unintended Consequences
 of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

Leila Marshall 

 An Active Solution to Parkinson's Disease: The Effect of Physical Activity
 in the Prevention and Treatment of PD

Jillian Pantig 

 Cybernation Evolution: How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Affect


Why should you come to the IVC/SC Student Research Symposium?

  • You should come because out of all the opportunities and experiences available at college, conferences are -- according to what our own students tell us -- the most enjoyable, memorable, and sometimes even the most life-changing.

  • You should come because this is an opportunity to start learning what conferences are and what they can do for you. Attending one will never be more easier or more convenient: It's close, it's free, and it's open to everyone!
  • You should come because it's one of the rare conferences that allow presenters to discuss -- and get help on -- preliminary and continuing research as well as completed research.
  • You should come if you're a Saddleback Certificate-Track Honors Program student who wants a fun and interesting way to do some community/school service.
  • You should come no matter what role you take. Be a presenter, be a volunteer, or be in the audience. All these experiences are valuable.

Student Research Symposium


Symposium FAQs

This event is open to all students. Honors Program participation is NOT required.

 To apply: Ask the faculty member you worked with to be your "mentor" and work with you to summarize your research, or your progress toward completed research, in a 200- to 250-word "abstract."

Do you have more questions?
email arosenberg@saddleback.edu