Phi Theta Kappa

The International Honor Society of the Two-Year College

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa, founded over 100 years ago, is recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges as the official national honor society for two-year colleges. Since our local chapter was founded in 1996, thousands of Saddleback College students have taken advantage of the fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and service opportunities offered by Phi Theta Kappa.

Saddleback College President Dr. Elliot Stern invites eligible students at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. That letter contains instructions for accepting membership and becoming involved in the local chapter.

Eligibility requires 

  • a 3.5 GPA over college-level courses after at least 12 units have been completed
  • enrollment in at least 5 units in the at the time membership is accepted.Maintenance of membership requires a 3.25 GPA; students who fall below that GPA for two consecutive semesters may rejoin once the 3.25 is again reached.

If you believe you are eligible but have not received an invitation by the fourth week of a Fall or Spring semester, contact the Honors Program Office.

Membership requires

  • A one-time payment of $85 dues by the end of the semester in which the invitation is issued. Phi Theta Kappa membership is a lifetime membership so long as the member's cumulative GPA does not fall below 3.25. EOPS students are eligible for reimbursement of their dues. 

Phi Theta Kappa membership is recognized on Saddleback College transcripts.

Although there are no participation requirements for either membership or transcript notation, we encourage students to be active members and take advantage of all the experiences Phi Theta Kappa offers. Because of  the excellence and richness of our events and activities, our local chapter, Beta Epsilon Beta, attained Five Star Chapter status and was named among the Top 100 Chapters in 2021.

Information on the numerous benefits, scholarships, and involvement opportunities of Phi Theta Kappa can be found at

Members are invited to be a part of our Canvas community they have accepted membership and paid their dues. Meetings are at 2:00PM Fridays on Canvas until we can resume in-person events.

PTK Leadership - 2021-22

  • President: Nadim Youssef
  • Vice President, Leadership: Andrew George
  • Vice President, Service: Juliette Raubolt
  • Vice President, Scholarship: Armita Sarvi
  • Vice President, Fellowship: Lilyan Araujo Mosqueda
  • Secretary: Alexa Parvaneh
  • Treasurer: Cortney Boone
  • Advisor: Prof. Rosenberg [email]
Some for-profit companies pose as honor societies, even using the colors and fonts of established societies.
Only Alpha Gamma Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa are approved campus-wide honor societies.

Saddleback College does not share your academic information with outside organizations.