Scholarship Information

Current Honors Program Students:
See the Scholarship Opportunities page of the Honors Program Canvas site for more information.

Although there are no scholarships explicitly linked to current Honors Program students, this page presents resources for students seeking information and assistance in applying to privately funded scholarships.

For scholarships available to members of Phi Theta Kappa, visit For scholarships available to members of Alpha Gamma Sigma, visit

We encourage all students, whether or not they believe they are eligible for financial aid, to apply for it every year.

Both transfer institutions and private scholarship donors may require you to have filed a FAFSA or taken other steps to apply for financial aid as part of their evaluation process. Besides - you might be surprised. Award processes and standards are complex. Don't guess.

Saddleback College Foundation Scholarships

The Saddleback College Foundation oversees the awarding hundreds of scholarships each year. In April, these awards are announced for continuing as well as transferring students. Last year, over 600 scholarships were awarded.

One online application covers all the scholarships, although finalists for a few scholarships may have to submit additional information or be interviewed. The scholarship application period usually opens in December and closes at the start of February. More information is available during scholarship season at this link: 

The Financial Aid Office's Resources for Outside Private Scholarships

Scholarship scams are widespread. Make sure you're dealing with reputable scholarship search organizations. Use the ones on the Financial Aid Office's Scholarship Information page. If you are looking at a scholarship "resource" not on that page, check them out with the Financial Aid Office in SSC 106 first. 

Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

The JKC Foundation annually awards 75 to 90 scholarships that provide up to $40,000 annually for up to three years to complete baccalaureate studies. It is the largest scholarship available to transfer students in this country. It is highly competitive, but since 2014 eight Saddleback College students -- who went on to UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Columbia University -- have won this highly prestigious award. "Cooke Scholars" receive not only the financial award but also mentoring opportunities and eligibility for a continuing scholarship for postgraduate work. For more information, see

California Community College Transfer Counselors Scholarship Information