Student Learning Outcomes

What Will You Achieve?

The "Student Learning Outcomes" of the Honors Program are designed to develop exceptional talent, ability, and scholarship in highly motivated students of all majors.

Course Content

Upon successful completion of their Honors Program coursework, students will be able to 

  • Demonstrate attainment of the Student Learning Outcomes of the regular section of the courses,
  • Explain the techniques and methods appropriate to the disciplines,
  • Compare and contrast issues, debates, or approaches appropriate to the disciplines,
  • Synthesize complex information from primary sources, peer-reviewed articles, and other scholarly sources,
  • Develop and argument or project and defend or present it in a way appropriate to the discipline, and 
  • Apply higher-order thinking skills to a range of topics and issues related to the course content.

Critical Thinking

Upon successful completion of their Honors Program coursework, students will be able to

  • Select, evaluate, and organize credible evidence to support arguments related to the discipline,
  • Solve problems using strategies and methods appropriate to the discipline, and
  • Identify and explain standards of proof, quality, and/or success in the discipline.

Communication Skills

Upon successful completion of their Honors Program coursework, students will be able to

  • Express ideas and concepts precisely and persuasively orally and in writing,
  • Fluently employ writing conventions suitable to expository and research work in the discipline, and 
  • Fluently employ symbolic conventions, notation, and syntax appropriate for problem-solving in the discipline.

Academic and Civic Integrity

Upon successful completion of the Honors Program, students will be able to

  • Meet standards related to respect for intellectual property,
  • Participate in classroom settings with appropriate respect for persons, academic inquiry, and academic freedom, 
  • Adhere to accepted ethical standards in research, 
  • Practice civic engagement through service activities, and
  • Maintain accurate records, keep appointments, complete paperwork, and manage the work necessary to be in good standing for transfer.