Student Research

Do universities really care whether you do research in community college?
Does research at this level really advance you in your field?

Think about this:
UC Irvine has sponsored the HTCC conference since its inception in 2001,
and has committed to doing so indefinitely.
Up north, UC Berkeley and Stanford share hosting
the Bay Area Student Research Symposium.

Research matters.

One of the most valuable experiences available to Honors students is participation in undergraduate research conferences. These really are "extraordinary" in the true sense of the word. The great majority of undergraduates -- even at four-year schools -- aren't able to participate in them. This is highly regrettable, not only because of the richness of the experience but also because of this:

Students who have attended one conference always want to attend another!

Although conferences are not part of the usual undergraduate experience, every Saddleback student who has ever attended one -- whether as a presenter, a moderator, or "just" an audience member -- has said it was rewarding and exciting (and fun).

Conferences in Our Usual Schedule:

These are the main annual conferences that are open to all disciplines. For further information on each conference, see the menu at right.

App Due: mid-October
Attend: November
after SCCUR

think explore share ivd / sc student research symposium
odd years: IVC
even years: Saddleback
students may be

App Due: mid-October
Attend: early/mid-November
Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research


App Due: mid-November
(2020: by class only)
Attend: early December

htcc honors transfer council

at Saddleback
students may be

App Due: mid-December
Attend: April

UCI Community College Honors Research Conference
at UC Irvine
students may be

App Due: mid-February
Attend: late April / early May 

Honors Research Symposium
odd years: Stanford
even years: UC Berkeley

Typical conference

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What Happens at an Academic Conference

To learn more about conferences, visit the Conference 101 page.

Financial Support for Presenters:

The Honors Student Council of the Associated Student Government, the Saddleback College Honors Program, and the Office of Instruction help support registration fees and other expenses of Saddleback College students whose work is accepted at these conferences and who meet the criteria set for in the ASG By-Laws. These require that the student

  • be a Saddleback College student (i.e., have Saddleback College, not IVC, as College of Record)
  • be currently enrolled in at least 5 units at Saddleback College
  • have purchased an ASB stamp ($10) 
  • have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • abide by the Saddleback College Code of Conduct