HTCC: Honors Transfer Council of California

2017 conference information
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The Honors Transfer Council of California
Student Research Conference 
for California Community Colleges

Share your scholarship with other students
in a professional setting

Strengthen your transfer applications
and professional resume

Compete for awards and scholarships
ranging from $200 to $1000

Compete for a UCI Research Fellowship
if you transfer to UCI

Be eligible to submit your work for publication
in the conference anthology 

Open to all Saddleback College students.


Awards &
Dates &

Information and Resources for Presenters: 

Conferences & Abstracts Primer

Resources for HTCC Abstracts

Resources for the HTCC Conference 

The Venue: UCI Conference Center

To submit your work for this conference, use the

Saddleback College Abstract Submission Site for HTCC

until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

You'll need:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your mentor's name and contact information
  • An interesting and informative title
  • Entered in the form provided:
    • A 25-word description of your work 
    • An abstract of up to 250 words not including title and work cited
  • A doc, docx, txt, or rtf copy of the abstract to attach, including title and works cited in addition to the text entered on the form. 

Information and Resources for Volunteer Moderators:

The HTCC Conference offers students the opportunity to participate as moderators in "breakout sessions." For undergraduates, this is a rare and valuable opportunity.

Break-out sessions are usually fairly small. Each includes one or more student presentations, and it’s the moderator’s job to make sure the session runs smoothly.

In a cross-disciplinary conference such as this one, the moderator isn’t expected to lead a dialogue, chair a panel, or do anything else that involves familiarity with the subject. The main duties are making introductions, keeping everyone to schedule, and calling for audio-visual or other assistance if needed.

For details on the duties of moderators, see the video clip on the Conference 101 page. A brief text overview of duties is here on the HTCC conference website. 


Moderator applications must be submitted to the
Saddleback College Moderator Application Site for HTCC at

Important: Students who are involved in oral or poster presentations may not be moderators.

HTCC Awards and Scholarships:

The conference features oral presentations by both individuals and groups, performances, and a poster session. Outstanding work is recognized by a number of awards, grants, and scholarships. In addition, the Student Research Conference is the occasion at which the HTCC's Exemplary Achievement and Juan Lara scholarships are awarded to students for their work throughout their community college careers.

For an overview of all awards and scholarships, go to
Specific information on each is available below:

Outstanding Abstract Awards & Director's Award

UC Irvine Research Grant

Poster Awards

Exemplary Achievement Scholarships

Juan Lara Scholarship



Opportunities for HTCC Publication:

The HTCC student research journal, Building Bridges, publishes selected abstracts from the conference, providing students with an opportunity to publish their work. Copies of the journal may be read in the Honors Program Office, and copies may be purchased at (Amazon prime members can see more pages online if they log in, and shipping is free for prime members as well.)

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Dates & Deadlines for the 2015 Conference:

Abstracts for posters and presentations due

RSVP to HTCC and Honors Program Office if accepted due
(Note: "RSVP" means answer Yes or No)

Moderator applications due

Proof of paid ASB stamp due for those seeking
financial support for the conference

First rehearsal of presentations

Second rehearsal of presentations (with student moderators)


Submission of abstracts for Building Bridges publication due

Dec 9

Jan 30

Mar. 1

Mar. 10

Mar. 11

Mar. 18

Mar. 26

April TBA



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T-SHIRTS will be available soon ($15) on the HTCC website. 
When the link is available, you'll be able to find it here, too.

PINS are awarded to all presenters, moderators, and mentors at no charge. Some swag you can't buy. You just have to earn it!