Admission Requirements & Application

Saddleback College RN Program Applicant Eligibility 

The following are requirements must be completed and not in progress to be eligible:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at time of admission.
  • Possess a social security card, to enable a background check to be completed and to be eligible to apply for NCLEX licensure upon program completion.
  • Completion with a 2.8 GPA or higher in the following BIO prerequisites: Bio 11- Human Anatomy, Bio 12- Human Physiology (must be completed within 7 years upon applying), Bio 15- Microbiology
  • Completion of prerequisite English 1A- Principles of Composition I or equivalent with a "C" or better. 
  • Taken and passed the ATI TEAS exam version 7 with a 62% or higher (either proctored online or in seat does not matter with which institution you take it with). No longer accepting version 6. If you do not pass the exam, you should remediate and wait to retest approx. 365 days from previous attempt. If you pass the exam, but want to earn a higher score you need to wait to retest approx. 365 days from previous attempt. 

Recommend you wait to take the ATI TEAS exam AFTER you have completed all your RN prerequisites and the math requirement for an AA/AS degree.

We encourage all students interested in applying to the RN program, to make an appointment with a counselor ahead of time to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to apply. To do so, please visit their website at

Application Dates


Application period for Spring 2023 is now closed. The last day to apply was on 7/17/22.

All communication regarding your submission will be sent through the student's Submittable account, including the status of their application. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are checking their email used to sign up/Submittable account for updates once they've submitted their application. 

All notifications have been sent out as of 8/8/22 for spring 23 applications. The point cut off fell at 82 points with alternates ranging from 77-80 points. 

Our next application period will open on February 1st, 2023 at 12AM and close on February 8th, 2023 at 11:59pm for Fall 2023 entry. 

A link to apply will be posted here once the application period has arrived. Students must have a Saddleback/IVC Student ID# to apply. To obtain one, click here.

Nursing Program Application Information

Applications for the RN program are accepted twice a year, typically in February for fall entry and July for spring entry. There is no limit to the amount of times you can apply. We do not have a waiting list for admission. Admission to our RN program is based on the Saddleback College ADN Program Multi-criteria for Enrollment. 

Students with the highest points based off the Multi-Criteria for Enrollment will be invited into the program. The point cut off varies each application period. We highly encourage students to make an appointment to speak with a counselor prior to applying, to determine eligibility. To schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor click here

Documentation you may be asked to include with your application:

  • Unofficial transcripts (official should also be on file with Admissions office).
  • Unofficial ATI TEAS score/breakdown which can be obtained through your ATI account.
  • 2nd language proficiency verification.
  • If licensed as LVN, LPT, CNA, EMT-P, EMT, or Respiratory Therapist include copy of license (must be valid).
  • For work experience, only if you are currently licensed as an LVN, LPT (Licensed Physical Therapist) , CNA, EMT-P (Paramedic), EMT, or Respiratory Therapists and have “some” work experience within the last 5 years (no min. hours required) are you eligible to receive points for work experience. If you have this, then your employer will fill out this template and you will submit that form with a copy of your license with the application. 

We do NOT need the following when submitting your application:

  • Recommendation letters.
  • HS Diploma (unless using for proof of 2nd lang. proficiency in foreign country).
  • W2/Paycheck Stubs (no longer accepting).
  • Driver License or Social Security.
  • BLS/CPR card (will need it once accepted into program).
  • 1st generation letters.

If you have any questions, email us at

Course Petitions

All course petitions (if applicable) should be submitted in advance and prior to the application period opening up, to allow time to be processed/reviewed. If you are trying to earn credit for a course taken outside of Saddleback/IVC college a course petition may be needed. If you are unsure if the course you took is equivalent to a prerequisite/relevant nursing coursework, you should speak with a counselor.

  • If you wait to submit a course petition during the application period, you jeopardize not being awarded any points for that course or receiving a non-qualified notice due to being deficient in a prerequisite.

Petition for Course Substitution or Waiver- Must include a course syllabus and unofficial transcript when submitting this form to the according Department

Who do I submit my Petition for Course Substitution or Waiver form to? Students should meet with a counselor to discuss and determine which department this will go to. You can also email counseling at: for review.

Deficient in N 160-Pharmacology, N 165- Lifecycle I or N 161- Lifecycle II? If accepted into the RN program, you will need to have N 160- Pharmacology, N 165- Lifecycle I and N 161- Lifecycle II completed within your 1st/2nd semester. It is highly encouraged to get these courses completed prior to coming into the program. If you are unsure if you are deficient in any of these courses, you should schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor to have your transcripts evaluated.

Official Transcripts

ALL OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS should be sent to the Admissions & Records office, PRIOR to applying. If official transcripts are not on file at time of evaluation, you will receive a non-qualified letter. Please confirm receipt of official transcripts with the Admissions office. 

  • No official transcripts required if all coursework taken at Saddleback/IVC college. We have access to these transcripts.

  • No official HS transcripts needed for 2nd language proficiency verification. You can attach an unofficial with the application. Will only need official HS transcripts sent if you are using it for a prerequisite or relevant nursing coursework. 

  • Previously, submitted transcripts are kept on file and do not need to be resubmitted, unless additional RELEVANT nursing coursework has been completed and you need to update.

  • International transcript must be evaluated by an acceptable third party, at:

Helpful Links

Calculating GPA of Bio Prerequisites (must have 2.8 or higher)- details on how to calculate your GPA of BIO prerequisites only. We do not include + or - into the equation. If you do not meet the RN program's 2.8 GPA requirement of BIO prerequisites only, you will receive a non-qualified letter. 

Employment Verification Template- To be provided to your employer to fill out and attach with your application, if applicable. If falsify any information, it will automatically disqualify you.

Multi-Criteria Point Sheet- Updated (Effective for Feb applications/Fall 22 entry) 

2nd Language Proficiency- Examples of verification.

TEAS Score- details on how to obtain TEAS score and which scores we take.

Nursing Program Curriculum

What to expect once invited into RN Program

Invitation to program: Once invited into the program, the student must accept or decline admission during the required response time as indicated in their letter. If a student declines the invitation into the program, he/she must re-apply. A student is allowed only one declination of invitation.

Those invited into the program must be in adequate health to perform the duties of a nurse. Students will be required to obtain the following titers/immunizations/vaccines within 3 months of admission and should get started on these right away. 

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • TDAP
  • Hepatitis B
  • TB skin test is
  • COVID-19 (full immunity)
  • Annual Physical
  • Seasonal flu shot 

More details regarding required physical/immunizations/titers can be found on the Mandatory Health Assessment Packet.

Students will need to provide evidence of vaccination status not only for enrollment into the Nursing program but also to take courses at the college that are in person or hybrid. For details regarding vaccination status, please visit the link here

Students will also be required to complete a background/drug test, obtain professional liability insurance, have valid BLS card through the American Heart Association (no other providers), have medical health insurance and more prior to registering for the nursing courses N 170 & N  171. These courses are reserved only for students accepted into the Nursing program and students will not be cleared to register until all of the requirements have been completed.

Failure to complete any of the RN program requirements/deadlines, provided to students upon acceptance, will result in students signing a Non-Compliance Form. Depending on the situation, students may or may not be eligible to continue in the program.                                                                                                                            

N 160-Pharmacology/ N 165-Lifecycle I/ N 161-Lifecycle II

We encourage students to take N 160-Pharmacology, N 165-Lifecyle I, Fundamentals of Aging and N 161- Lifecycle II, Growth & Development prior to entering the RN program. If you took these courses outside of Saddleback College and want to determine course equivalency, please make an appointment to speak with a counselor or email us at

If accepted into the RN program, and it has been determined that you have not taken these courses, you will be required to take them within your 1st/2nd semester. See Nursing Curriculum here