Admission Requirements & Application

Admission Requirements

Applicant Eligibility: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of admission.
  • Applicants must possess a social security card. To enable a background check to be completed and to be eligible to apply for NCLEX licensure upon program completion.
  • Completion with a 2.8 GPA or better in the following science pre-requisites: Bio 11- Human Anatomy, Bio 12- Human Physiology (must have been completed within the last 7 yrs.), Bio 15- General Microbiology. Completion of English 1A- Principles of Composition I or equivalent with a “C” or better. No “In Progress” work will be accepted. Grade must reflect on transcript to be eligible. Will accept online science courses/lab due to COVID-19. Please check with a counselor or the Science Division to ensure science courses are acceptable
  • Pass the ATI TEAS exam with a 62% or higher. We no longer accept TEAS version V. Students can take the proctored exam anywhere does not need to be taken at Saddleback. It may be taken in seat or remotely online. Once you take ATI TEAS and pass, you must wait at least 365 days before re-testing to improve your score. If you do not pass the ATI TEAS on your first attempt, you may 1) Remediate with school who tested you and then re-test within one year (after remediation has been completed with a counselor) OR 2) Wait at least 365 days to re-test. For more details about the TEAS exam check out

Application Information

Applications are accepted twice a year usually in February for fall entry, August/September for spring entry. There is no limit to the amount of times you can apply. We do not have a waiting list. Admission to our RN program is based on the Saddleback College ADN Program Multi-criteria for Enrollment. Those with the highest points will be invited into the program. Competitive points can be from 76+ however, the point cut off varies each application period.

Our next application period will be for Fall 2021 entry. We will begin accepting applications: Monday, February 22nd - Friday, February 26th 2021.

**Application/Instructions will be posted mid-January.

Important Deadlines for Fall 21 Applicants: Deadline:
Last day to submit official (sealed) transcripts to the Admissions & Records office. Please verify transcripts are received with the Admissions & Records office 2/11/2021
Last day to submit course waivers/substitutions forms. Please verify the need for a course waiver/substitution with a counselor, as many courses have already been reviewed/approved. 2/11/2021


Applying to Saddleback College Nursing Program? 

In the meantime, while awaiting for the application period to open you want start on the following (please do not wait until the last minute /see deadlines above):

  • Step 1- If you are NOT a Saddleback/IVC student, apply here

  • Step 2- Start submitting all your relevant official (sealed) transcripts to the Admission & Records office (this includes any AP scores being used for credit or degrees being claimed). You want to start weeks in advance, PRIOR to the application period opening to ensure they arrive on time.  Note: Previously submitted transcripts are kept on file and do NOT need to be resubmitted (unless there has been additional relevant coursework completed that you are using to earn additional points). International transcripts must be evaluated by an acceptable third party, view link here

    Step 3-Set up an appointment to speak with a counselor, at to ensure requirements are met before you submit your application/ answer any questions you have. If no degree has been earned also discuss GE requirements. If you have taken coursework outside of Saddleback/IVC college, they can check to see if you need to have a course petition for course substitution/waiver filled out or not

    Step 4- Start gathering all your supporting documents that may be applicable such as:

  1. Work/Volunteer experience letter from HR/Manager, stating your job title, list of responsibilities with direct patient care, dates employed/Full time or Part time? (must be within 5 years to qualify), and hours worked. Letters must be on company letterhead. If employer is unable to verify the number of hours worked, you may attach W2’s or paycheck stubs to show approx. hours worked.
  2. License- If you are licensed in something you will need to attach a copy for verification. If you have not received your license yet, you can attach additional documentation showing license obtained but is in progress of being sent out.
  3. 2nd language Proficiency verification- you may include a copy of your unofficial high school transcript highlighting/showing us you completed 3 years’ worth in same language or AP scores. You can attach an unofficial college transcript highlighting/showing us you completed 2 years’ worth in the same language. You can get a formal letter on letterhead from an employer, instructor, or clergy indicating you are proficient in 2nd language (make sure they indicate which language). Letters cannot be written by you, family or a friend. If native in a 2nd language you can attach foreign documentation showing you went to school in foreign country.
  4. TEAS score- this can be obtained through your ATI account. Does not need to be sent officially from ATI to the school. You can just access your score, print and attach it.


We do NOT need the following when submitting your application:

  • Recommendation letters
  • HS Diploma (unless using for purpose of attending school in foreign country for 2nd lang. proficiency)
  • Driver License
  • Social Security Card
  • BLS Card
  • 1st Generation letters

If you are unsure of what to submit and need clarification, please email before the application period begins.