California Nursing Students Association (CNSA)

California Nurse Student Association is a professional membership organization that provides members with opportunities to develop leadership roles, network with future and current nurse leaders at the state and national conventions, and help with student mentoring, scholarship fundraising, and community outreach. 

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Benefits of joining:

  • Resume Builder
  • Meet students in different semesters
  • Get to know Instructors
  • Gives you an opportunity to go to nursing conventions and attend different events that enhance your nursing experience!

Requirements to apply:

  • Accepted into the RN program (1st-3rd semester student)
  • Must be a CNSA member
  • Must be in good academic standing by maintaining a minimum of a 2.0 GPA throughout the entire semester.
  • Must purchase ASG stamp for every semester you are on the board

See membership brochure here to see all the benefits!

If interested in applying, please email for more details.


 Picture of Professor Dr. Linda Call

Linda Call, CNSA Faculty Advisor

Senuri Perera, President


Aira Co, Vice President


Michelle Ono, Secretary


Kimberly Torres, Event Officer