Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Program FAQ's

1. What are the prerequisites courses to apply to the RN program? 

Human Anatomy, Human Physiology (must be completed within 7 years upon applying), Microbiology and English 1A- Principles of Composition I or equivalent.

2. Can I apply to the Saddleback RN program while my prerequisites are in progress?

No, all prerequisites must be completed and a grade must be issued on your unofficial transcript prior to applying.

3. If I have a Bachelor's degree or higher do I still need to take the prerequisites courses?

Yes. The California Board of Registered Nursing requires students to have completed the prerequisite courses to be eligible for RN examination.

4. What is the qualifying BIO GPA I must have to be eligible to apply?

You must have a 2.8 GPA or higher in the following courses: Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Microbiology.

5. What is the qualifying ATI TEAS score I must have to be eligible to apply?

You must have a 62% or higher.

6. How many applications do you get each period?

We receive approx. 250-300 applications twice a year. 

7. How many students are accepted to the program? Do you keep a alternate list?

We accept anywhere from 50-55 students twice a year (Fall and Spring), this varies on how many clinical spots we have. We do keep a alternate list, incase students invited are unable to move forward. If you are not initially accepted to the program, or notified that you have been selected as an alternate, we encourage you to reapply during the next application period. If you would like advising on how to calculate or raise your points, please email us at

8. Do you offer evening or weekend classes?

We do not offer weekend or evening classes at this time. There is the possibility that your assigned clinical day will be on a weekend. All lectures take place on Wednesdays. 

9. How long is the Saddleback RN program?

The nursing program is two years, or 4 semesters, in length after the completion of prerequisite coursework. 

10. Do you offer a CNA program?

We will be offering a CNA program in Spring of 2022, for more information please email

11. Do you offer a LVN to RN program?

The bridge class N 162 an N 164 has been postponed due to limited clinical space. We are unsure when we will be offer these courses. If you are interested in being placed on a waitlist for the LVN to RN program, you must meet with a counselor first to see if you are eligible. To schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor, please visit their website here. We encourage student's to apply to the generic RN program. Click here to view LVN to RN program curriculum. 

12. Will my science prerequisite courses taken at another school be accepted at Saddleback?

To determine if the courses you took at another institution will be accepted, please meet with a counselor or verify with the Science Division.

13. I have a foreign nurse degree and the BRN is requiring I take additional courses. Do you offer individual courses in Med-Surg, Obstetrics or Pediatrics?

Accommodations are made on a case by case basis, and are dependent on space availability. Please contact the Program Director for more information. 

14. How do I scheduled an appointment to speak with a counselor?

If interested in the RN program, you should speak with a counselor. To make an appointment, please visit their website at

15. How do I verify that my official transcripts were received by Saddleback College?

To confirm receipt of official transcripts sent to Saddleback, please contact the Admissions & Records office at