MLT Clinical Practicum Requirements

Students will participate in an on-site externship at one of Saddleback College’s contracted clinical facilities in the last two semesters per the road map if they have satisfactorily completed the requirements of the program. Students must clear health and background checks, drug screening, verification of CPR card and provide evidence of health insurance and liability coverage to be eligible for placement.  Any findings may affect the student’s ability to progress through or complete the program. Students are advised to start the clearance process six months in advance of placement. Please contact the MLT Program Assistant for more information. 

Proof of vaccination status must be provided for a health clearance. Students who refuse or cannot pass the clinical requirements (including medical or religious declinations) will receive a Not Qualified for Placement. Not Qualified for Placement status means students may not be eligible for placement at a site and may not be able to complete the program.  Note: California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requires students who are placed at healthcare facilities be fully immunized with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Packet for Clinical Practicum Training

All MLT students will be required to complete/obtain the following PRIOR to going to their clinical sites: