Applications for Fall 2021 are now CLOSED. The last day to apply was on 3/1/21 (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  1. UPDATE: All notifications have been sent out as of April 29th. If you did not receive status of your application, please email us at scnursing@saddleback.edu. The point cut off was 83 points, not all 83 pointers were invited. Tie breakers were selected in the following order:                                                                                                                       1) Completion of relevant nursing course work                                                                   2) GPA of Bio Prerequisites                                                                                                     3) ATI TEAS Score                                                                                                                 4) Work/Volunteer experience  

Invitation to program: Once invited into the program, the student must accept or decline admission during the required response time as indicated in the letter. If a student declines the invitation into the program, he/she must re-apply. A student is allowed only one declination of invitation.

Those invited into the program must be in adequate health to perform the duties of a nurse. Students will be required to have a physical examination within 3 months of admission. The following immunizations/ titers will be required: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, TDAP, Hepatitis B, TB skin test, & seasonal flu shot. Students will also be required to complete a background/drug test and obtain liability insurance prior to registering for nursing courses. 

Registration for the Nursing core courses  (N 170/N 171) will take place AFTER the following have been completed:

1) Notification was sent to the student that they were accepted into the Nursing Program (check your submittable accounts for any updates)

2) Attend a paperwork session were we will go over all the requirements needed- Those accepted will be notified of the date/provided a zoom link.

3) Complete all Nursing requirements which will consist of: background/drug test, obtaining liability insurance, completing a health clearance and more. 

The nursing core courses are reserved for nursing students only. Students will be cleared to register once these steps have been completed. If your registration date comes up, you do not need to worry about registering for the Nursing core courses then.


Saddleback Nursing Program will accept online prerequisite science labs this spring and summer 2020. If the state of emergency in California continues to exist into fall 2020, then we will accept online prerequisite science labs for fall 2020.  We will be accepting these online prerequisite science labs from the schools that the college has traditionally accepted courses from. 

Students should consider their transfer school before deciding to enroll in an online prerequisite science lab, and we strongly advise all students to consult a counselor about enrolling in an online prerequisite science lab. If you select P/NP as a grade on any of the science prerequisites, you may be jeopardizing qualifying for the minimum GPA requirement of 2.8. We strongly advise all students considering the option of P/NP as a grade, particularly in the science prerequisites to make an appointment with counseling before deciding on this option. 

If you need to be cleared to take any of the following courses: Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, & Pharmacology. Please email the Science Division at: scmse@saddleback.edu