Emergency Medical Technician

ambulance ceremonyThe Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is designed to prepare individuals to render pre-hospital Basic Life Support (BLS) care at the scene of an emergency and during transport of the sick and injured. Instruction will cover the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (attitude) aspects of pre-hospital EMS, with the goal of developing proficient and compassionate emergency healthcare professionals who conduct themselves with integrity and humility.

EMT 207 is a fundamental skills and theory course in prehospital emergency medical care, with emphasis placed on patient assessment, the pathophysiology of commonly encountered medical and trauma emergencies and the performance of BLS skills. The lecture/skills lab portion of the course takes place at the College. You will also complete two 8-hour ride-along shifts with an ambulance company, and two 8-hour clinical observation shifts in a local hospital emergency department. Successful completion of both EMT 207 (didactic and skills portions) and EMT 207C (clinical shifts) is required in order to take the National Registry EMT (NREMT) written examination, which is necessary to become certified as an EMT.

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Dear Students, 

To minimize transmission of COVID-19, and to maintain instructional continuity to the extent possible, faculty have been working tirelessly to convert in-person and lecture lab classes to online. 

Unfortunately at this time, all non-essential personnel (students) have been prohibited from participating in clinical activities, internships, externships, preceptorships, and field work experiences at local hospitals, health care facilities and other similar course related experiences. These courses have been suspended with the goal of completing them by the end of the term or possibly into summer.  Students please do not drop your classes. 

The college will send out official notification regarding the status of your classes on Thursday March 19th.  After the official announcement students are encouraged to contact their course faculty for further direction.  

Thank you for your understanding,

Diane Pestolesi, Dean of Health Sciences & Human Services


You are required to have a physical examination and background check within the first 3 weeks of class. The information packet should be picked up in the HSHS Division office as soon as you are registered for the class and will also be available on the first day of class. Click here for Precourse Instructions.


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The cost is $46.00/unit (the course is 11.75 units), $53.00 materials fee, approximately $180.00 for books and supplies.

Certification/Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of EMT 207/207C and the NREMT examination, the student will be eligible for certification as an EMT. There are additional requirements and costs for certification that will be discussed in class, or you may call the Orange County Emergency Medical Services Agency (OCEMS) for more information. Employment opportunities are available with ambulance companies, in hospitals and with other organizations such as ski patrol and lifeguards.

Other EMT Educations Opportunities

If you plan to become a Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic (MICP), you will need at least one year of full time work experience as an EMT, ideally on an ambulance that responds to 911 calls. Saddleback College offers a Paramedic Preparatory Course (EMT 219), which is highly recommended if you are planning to enroll in the Paramedic Program, and which can also be used to meet EMT Continuing Education requirements.


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