Health Information Technology Programs

Job growth in the health technology field is projected to grow 30 percent over the next 10 years in Southern California. Health Information Technology professionals are employed by hospitals, public health agencies, behavioral and mental health facilities, and more.

Occupations in Health Information Technology include health information management, insurance claims specialist, patient portal education/liaison, and health information education.

Earn a Degree or Certificate of Achievement

The Health Information Technology Associate Degree program prepares students for jobs as health information professionals with the knowledge and skills to accurately code diagnosis and procedures for health care services provided to patients, and to collect, maintain, and analyze clinical data in electronic health records that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff rely on to deliver quality healthcare.

Healthcare Technology Optimization Specialist and Medical Coding Specialist Certificates of Achievement are also offered.

Areas of Study

Students who wish to earn a Health Information Technology Associate Degree take the following classes:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Computer Information Management
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Health Information Science
  • Human Body Fundamentals
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects
  • Alternative Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Healthcare Information Technologies
  • Disease Processes for Health Sciences
  • Diagnostic Coding
  • Reporting Healthcare Data
  • Management Resources
  • Performance Improvement in Healthcare
  • Ambulatory Care Coding
  • Reimbursement Methodologies
  • Directed Practice
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