Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant program prepares students for employment as a medical assistant in a physician’s office or clinic. The curriculum is designed to provide training in administrative (front office) and/or clinical (back office) medical assisting skills. Instruction is given in basic medical office procedures (including appointment scheduling, billing, and insurance), assisting with examinations, surgical and laboratory procedures (including venipuncture, pharmacology, and injections), electrocardiography, electronic health records, public relations, supervision, and practice-building techniques. An externship experience helps provide the student with the skills necessary to enter the field.

Successful completion of courses will require that a grade of “C” or better be achieved. When a student fails to achieve a “C” or better in any course, the student will be given the opportunity to repeat the failed course once on a space-available basis. If a student receives a second grade of less than a “C” in any Medical Assistant course, that student will be dropped from the Medical Assistant Program and will not be eligible for re-entry into the Saddleback College Medical Assistant program. A student may not enter Clinical Experience (MA 217) until all courses are completed with a grade of “C” or better. Before entering the externship, students must take and pass a drug screening test and criminal background check. Students must also obtain an AHA BLS card, HPSO malpractice insurance, and complete a physical assessment.   


See our Medical Assisting Roadmaps sheet for everything you need to know from applying to the college to completing the Medical Assistant Program and the cost breakdown for each pathway.

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***Don’t forget you must apply for a degree, certificate, occupational skills award, or transfer at Saddleback College. These are not automatically issued. You MUST apply for them. Please review the links provided below for further information.***

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Students may be eligible for financial aid. If interested in applying, please visit Saddleback College's Student Financial Assistance & Scholarship Office



Susan White, RN, MSN, CAPA

Department Chair – Medical Assistant Program



Chelsey Tyson, BS

Program Specialist