Meet Our Staff

Angela Yang, Director of International Student Program

Angela Yang, Director of International Student Program Angela was born in Shanghai, China. She came to the United States to pursue her master’s degree in Journalism as an international student.  She understands the struggles that international students encounter on and off campus and is excited to get to know students at Saddleback and help them achieve their educational goals in the U.S.
Angela has traveled to many countries throughout Asia. She has been in the field of international education for 10 years and loves working with students from around the world. Prior to Saddleback, Angela was the Associate Director of International Education Outreach at Shoreline Community College in Seattle, Washington and the Director of International Programs and Services at Bloomfield College in New Jersey.
“Being an international student truly transforms my life. I am excited to share my stories with students from all over the world and be part of their U.S. academic experience.”

Phone: (949) 582-4602

Brenda Torres, International Student Program Ambassador

Brenda Torres, International Student Program AmbassadorBrenda was born in Mission Viejo, California. She is a current student at Saddleback College pursuing her Nursing Degree. She understands the challenges International Students go through because going to a different school than your used can be difficult. Being a daughter of Mexican immigrants has shown her that everyone makes sacrifices in order to achieve their professional career goals. She is very involved in her parent’s culture by visiting Mexico every year and getting to see how culture is different in many ways and countries. She is excited to make you feel comfortable at Saddleback College and answer all your concerns you may have.
“Being a part of the International Student Program staff has allowed me to get to know many cultures and makes me proud to have a double-ethnicity.”

Phone: (949) 582-4637

Fariba Dai, International Student Program Specialist

Fariba has worked in Enrollment services for the past 13 years. The best part about being an International Student Specialist, according to Fariba, is interacting with students who come from different cultural backgrounds. Born in Iran, Fariba moved to the US as a high school international student. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from UCLA and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Webster University. She knows what it feels like to be a newcomer to a foreign country and wants to help international students who are experiencing the same thing. Through all her travels and experiences, Fariba has developed a strong understanding of the needs of the international student community, as well as a strong passion for helping the members of this community to succeed in their studies and lives overall.

Fariba is also a certified yoga instructor and finds that she is able to meld her passion for yoga, cultural and interpersonal awareness, and a desire to better the greater community by working with the students at Saddleback College.

“I understand the difficulties of living in a foreign country. Saddleback College offers a multitude of resources to help students succeed, and I encourage students to reach out and get involved. It will hugely benefit their time abroad and it will lead to life-long friendships.”

Phone: (949) 582-4635