Part-Time / Concurrent Enrollment

Incoming Concurrent Enrollment


F-1 student from another institution wishing to enroll part-time at Saddleback College.

F-1 students who are enrolled full-time at an approved college, institution, university or language program and who are maintaining their student status are permitted to take coursework at Saddleback College on a part-time basis. Students are limited to two classes which may not exceed six units.

In order to enroll part-time, students must submit:

  1. Provide a letter from your current school written on their letterhead paper from a Designated School Official (DSO) allowing you permission to enroll in classes at Saddleback College.  The letter should include each class title and number of units you are allowed to take.  A letter is required for each term of concurrent enrollment.
  2. The general online application, for new students to Saddleback College.
  3. $54 Application Fee (non-refundable; payable each semester) made payable to Saddleback College.
  4. Copy of the student’s I-20 form, photo page of passport, visa, and I-94 card (both sides).

Important Considerations:

If you are enrolled in a 4-year college it is important that you include this information so that your educational status and goal are correct. If you need to update your educational goal you will need to complete the Student Information Update Form (Section E) and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records in person or by email to The form can be downloaded at

Enrollment in courses that require Math and/or English prerequisites can only be cleared through the Matriculation Office. For processes and procedures on submitting transcripts and/or alternative evidence visit: or contact the Matriculation Office at 949-582-4970 or by email to All other pre-requisites are cleared by their respective Academic Divisions. For a list of Academic Divisions visit:

Transcripts may also be required to validate course prerequisites or co-requisites.

Once complete, all documents must be submitted to International Student Office, Room SSC #107.