Health Insurance Information

The South Orange County Community College District requires that all Saddleback College international students purchase the approved insurance plan through Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions. Outside plans are not accepted.

Health insurance must be purchased before class enrollment is allowed.  A hold will be placed on all international student MySite accounts until the Annual term plan has been purchased.

All Saddleback College, F-1 student visa international students are required to purchase health insurance prior to registering for classes.  You may purchase your health insurance plan online at the following link.  Please have credit card available and forward your receipt to to confirm payment:

Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions
(800) 537 - 1777

Coverage for this year’s health plan terms are as follows:

2016 – 2017

Start Date

End Date







Summer only 5/1/2017 7/31/2017


Information about the health insurance is provided to new students at Orientation and Orientation Review workshops are offered throughout the year.  Please contact the International Student Office to find out the upcoming dates for Orientation Review workshop in which the Ascension representative will be available to explain the Health Insurance plan and answer your individual questions. It is wise to keep your health insurance ID cards with you at all times, and do not get rid of your ID cards until you have received new ones. 

Please take a moment and view the following to familiarize yourself with the health insurance offerings:

Health Insurance Orientation Presentation

Health Insurance Plan Snapshot

Health Insurance Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to see a doctor and it is non-emergency, first seek treatment from the Saddleback College Student Health Center, as most services are provided for less than at a typical doctor’s office or hospital.  Otherwise follow the information and steps that have been provided on the Health Insurance Orientation Presentation, Health Insurance Plan Snapshot, Health Insurance Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find a Cigna PPO provider.  Using a non-PPO, (also known as an out-of-network provider) will increase the cost of services.  For more information and to find a Cigna PPO provider, see links below:

(800) 325-1401

Contact Personal Insurance Administrators for any questions on claims or benefits:

(800) 468 – 4343

Nationwide Medical Claim Form

Express Scripts Prescription Claim Form

Dental and vision insurance coverage are not included in this annual health plan.  Information coming soon.

For no cost language services, you can get an interpreter and get documents read to you in your language by calling the following number:

(800) 468 - 4343

If you leave Saddleback College before the end of the academic year, contact Ascension directly to see if you are eligible for a refund to your Ascension Annual Plan.

For questions and assistance, you may visit the Student Health Center or the International Student Office.