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(949) 582-3218
Math, Science & Engineering Associate Faculty
Physical Sciences
Math, Science and Engineering
Saddleback College
I've been a physics and astronomy instructor for more than 40 years beginning my teaching in middle school, spending 13 years in high school, and 25 years as a full time professor at Orange Coast College. I've been teaching physics and astronomy at Saddleback since 1989 as a part time instructor.

My bachelor's in Astronomy was acquired from Case Western Reserve University.  I have two masters degrees, both from California State University Long Beach.  One is in Physics and the other in Education.

During my tenure at Orange Coast, I was an academic advisor for the development of two Astronomy courses for instructional television (before the internet).  These courses, Universe: The Infinite Frontier and Astronomy: Observations and Theories both won Emmy's for Instructional Television.

Currently I'm enjoying teaching physics to non-science majors and my 4 granddaughters.

My favorite quote is by Albert Einstein:  As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it.

Second favorite is by Carl Sagan:  We are becoming a society more willing to accept what feels good than what is true.