Faculty and Staff

Welcome Faculty, Staff and others at Saddleback College.

We're excited to introduce Handshake for Saddleback College. You provide a critical component supporting the educational growth and development of each and every one of our students as they navigate through their career journey. 

With your support, Handshake can be more than just another tech tool...it can become a place for career connections, exploring and securing employment, and ultimately an avenue to opportunity for students in all programs at Saddleback College! 

Share Handshake info with students:

Do you want a Handshake account?

If you're a Staff, Faculty, or Administrator/Manager, please email and request a Handshake account. We'll determine what type of account and access is best for your needs. 

Most faculty and staff will want a 'Student' account in Handshake so you can see what students see, view jobs and events in the system. If you want this account, follow these steps:

  1. https://saddleback.joinhandshake.com/login
  2. Do not use Single Sign On, find the link 'Sign in with your email' and click it. (Example)
  3. Enter your email and follow the steps to confirm your email and set up your profile. You can use your @saddleback.edu email or a personal email here. If using a personal email, you'll be prompted to select 'I'm a Student or Alumni' and then enter your personal email again. 
  4. Next, follow the steps to connect with/Add Saddleback College and submit your request
  5. Finally, please email Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer, and let me know you've submitted the request so I can approve you! 
  6. After the approval, you'll be set to use your Handshake student account.

Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer

Will you be posting On-Campus Student Jobs in Handshake?

If so, you'll need an Employer account. Any faculty, staff, administrator that wants to Post On-Campus Jobs or Career Events on Saddleback College's Employer Account on Handshake can!

  • saddleback.joinhandshake.com/employer_registrations/new
  • Sign up as an Employer and use your @saddleback.edu email.
  • Verify your Email
  • Use Saddleback College as the employer name
  • When you get to 'Schools' - connect with Saddleback College!
  • Your request will be reviewed and approved within 24-48hrs (or sooner)

Handshake Help Center for College Staff 

If you have questions, contact me. 

Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer

Handshake Intro PPT CTE Committee

Handshake Intro Deans/Dept Chair Mtg