LinkedIn Learning (Class/Group)

Saddleback College and nine other Orange County Community Colleges/Educational sites have partnered to offer LinkedIn Learning FREE to Students under a Regional Strong Workforce grant through March 2022. This project is managed by the North Orange County Community College District. 

LinkedIn Learning Details

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, has thousands of videos in their professional development library. 

Options for Faculty/Staff

  1. Create a Group Admin Account: We will create a 'group' for your class or program/group of students on campus and make you an Admin of that group.

As admin of the group, you can:

  • Create Learning Paths from the Video content in LinkedIn Learning and recommend it to your group
  • Recommend individual videos in LinkedIn Learning to your group
  • Add 'curated' videos from YouTube, vimeo, other and recommend those to your group
  • Email your group 
  • Manage Licenses of student in your group. If students drop a class, you can remove them from your group.
  • View reports on your group activity

Group names will follow this naming system: 'SC-(Semester/Yr)-(ProgramName or Faculty First Initial,LastName)-(CourseID)-(Ticket#) 

Example Group Name: SC-Fall2019-AFoote-CIM1-16605 or SC-Career & ReEntry


  1. Email Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer, with the following:
    • For programs/groups: Attach a .xlsx or .csv file including: Program/Group Name, Program/Group Leader, Term/Year, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Email (* 3/24/2020 NOTICE: We are experiencing  issues with District emails. Please include student personal email (gmail, yahoo, etc.)
    • For courses: Attach a .xlsx or .csv file of your Class Roster including: Instructor Name, Term/Year, Course No., Ticket #, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Email (* 3/24/2020 NOTICE: We are experiencing  issues with District emails. Please include student personal email (gmail, yahoo, etc.)
  2. The group will be created and the Admin will be assigned rights to manage that group.
  3. Students will be uploaded to the group. 
  4. You will receive an email confirming these steps have been completed.

How do I access LinkedIn Learning Admin Account?

  1. Start by logging into your LinkedIn Profile, From your LinkedIn Profile, you should see the 'Work' section on the header/navigation bar:
  2. Select the 'Learning' icon from the dropdown menu of options in the Work section.
  3. You should now be in LinkedIn Learning. In the upper right of the Header, click on 'Go to Admin'. You will see 'North Orange County Community College  District' in a few places. This is only because NOCE is the project lead on this grant. 

You should now see your group details, options to create Learning Paths, Recommend videos. 

There are several training videos on how to use LinkedIn Learning, check them out!

Student Resources for LinkedIn

  1. Students Guide to LinkedIn
  2. Building a Great Student Profile
  3. Transforming Your Brand

If you have questions, let us know. If there are technical issues, LinkedIn support is available!

Eric Hilden
Career Placement Officer


Rita Soultanian
Director, Career & Re-Entry Center