LinkedIn Learning FAQ

Helpful Information about LinkedIn Learning & LinkedIn

How does Single-Sign On for LinkedIn Learning work?

Students at Saddleback College can now activate their FREE LinkedIn Learning account using their Saddleback College/SOCCCD credentials!

The new steps look like this...

1. Students will click the link to activate their free LinkedIn Learning account

2. Students will enter their Saddleback College/District credentials in this screen

3. After authenticating, students will be taken to this screen to sign into LinkedIn Learning. Students must use their email! 

4. Next, you will be prompted to connect your LinkedIn profile on this screen.
If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you can create one. 

5. After connecting your LinkedIn profile, you'll be taken to the LinkedIn Learning homepage to start searching 


  1. After activating your new LinkedIn Learning account, students can access LinkedIn Learning here 
  2. If students connected their LinkedIn profile with LinkedIn Learning, they can access LinkedIn Learning directly from their LinkedIn Profile in the upper menu bar under the 'Work' section. 

Will the Free LinkedIn Learning account expire?

Current students will have access through March 2022 under this grant project. 

Why do I see 'Orange County Community Colleges' in my LinkedIn Learning account not Saddleback College?

Because the North Orange County Community College District is the lead agency for this project, you will see their name in a few places. You may see 'Orange County Community Colleges' in a few areas when logged into your LinkedIn Learning account.

Have more questions?

Eric Hilden
Career Placement Officer
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Rita Soultanian
Director, Career and ReEntry Center
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