Posting On Campus Jobs

The following is our new process for hiring student workers on campus.


1. Contact Lori Mangels in HR to open the position in People Admin and obtain a link to the opening/application. You will want to include this in the announcement on Gaucho Jobs so students know where to go to actually apply! (example:

2. Next announce your opening to students by posting it on Gaucho Jobs. (screenshots below)

  • Visit
  • If you don't have an existing employer account, you have two options:
    1. REGISTER: With this option, you are only creating an employer account. Once it is approved, you will receive an email with details on how to log-in and post a job. 
      • You will need the following information:
        1. Services Requested?
          (click 'Job Postings' and others if interested)
        2. Company Industry?
          (choose one)
        3. Organization Name?
          (example: Saddleback College - Health Sciences or Saddleback College - Financial Aid)
        4. What does your Organization do?
          (Brief description is fine)
        5. Website
          (Enter a website of your Division/Department/Program/other)
        6. Contact Details: Your Name, Job Title, Email, Phone
          (These will be visible to students)
        7. Company Address
          (Enter details)
        8. Prove you are not a robot
        9. Privacy Policy Acknowledgement
        10. Submit
    2. REGISTER AND POST A JOB: With this option, you will complete two online forms. Page 1 creates your employer account and Page 2 will be details on the job opening.
      • You will need the following information:
        • All information in 'Register' above, then click 'Next'
        • Now, complete the Job Posting Form including these sections: 
          Click here for a sample .pdf of the Job Posting Form
          (You can include a link to the District posting website in the Job Description field and under 'How to apply' - Other field.) 
          1. 'Copy a previously posted position'
            (If this is your 1st posting, there won't be anything here. If you return and want to repost a position, use this field.)
          2. Job title
            (Enter the job title)
          3. Job Type
            (Select an option: Federal Work Study (FWS), Student Help (On-Campus), or Tutor (On-Campus))
          4. Desired Major(s)
            (If the position requires a certain 'Major', select it here. Select 'All Majors' if it's open to all)
          5. Job Description
            (Enter the Job Description details here. You can also include the link to the District posting here)
          6. Qualifications
            (Enter any Qualifications here)
          7. Hours Per Week
            (Enter the expected hours per week here)
          8. Salary/Hourly Wage
            (Enter the position starting wage or range of pay here)
          9. Desired Start Date
            (When do you want the position to start working?)
          10. Posting Date
            (When do you want the position to be visible to students?)
          11. Expiration Date
            (When do you want the position to be removed from student view?)
          12. Campus Division/Department/Program
            (Enter details)
          13. How To Apply instructions
            (For many on-campus postings, you'll want to select 'Other' and enter the link to the District posting in PeopleAdmin.) 
          14. Attachment option
            (If you have a flyer for the opening, attach it here)
          15. Submit

There will be New Student Hire Trainings available for new student worker(s) starting in the Spring of 2020. They are approximately 1.5 hours in length, and we hope you will encourage your student workers to attend so they can receive basic information, resources, and training. Dates and times are to be determined and will be shared with you as they are scheduled.

Questions about Gaucho Jobs, contact Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer,
Questions about the New Hire Trainings, contact Rita  Soultanian, Director, Career & Re-Entry Center,

Here are some screenshots of the Gaucho Jobs process...


(click for .pdf sample of the job posting page)

To post more positions and/or to log-into your account after you Register, you will use the Log-in option using your Email and Password on the Employer Log-in Page, 

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Eric Hilden
Career Placement Officer