Welcome to Career Placement Services!

I'm here to help. I offer various ways to connect and share best-practice strategies and tools. I've shifted all of the services to be online/virtual given what's going on in the world. Scroll down the page to find several links with resources to help all aspects of your job search.

Here's a quick list of some virtual services available:

Much of what I offer is through the Student Employment System, the official online employment system for students & alumni. Access your student account here;

  • Virtual Appointments – students RSVP directly in the system. Appointments are also listed on the Calendar here, but you'll need to log-in to RSVP.

  • Virtual Workshops & Drop-in Sessions - Virtual workshops and/or Drop-In Sessions on topics like Resume Writing, LinkedIn, Job Search Strategies could be scheduled soon. When these are offered, students can view on the calendar RSVP in the system.

  • Virtual Recruiting Events – We invite employers to co-host a Virtual Recruiting event in Zoom. When scheduled, you'll see them on the Calendar.

  • Live Chat – I will be available in the mornings from 8am - 10am (schedule permitting) for Live Chat. Students must be logged into the system account and find the 'Live Chat with Eric Hilden' link on the home page.

  • LinkedIn Group - Saddleback College Career Network - I manage this group and invite all students to join, post questions, comments, and connect with others in the group. We have over 1000 professionals, students, alums, and faculty. 

  • LinkedIn Learning FREE accounts are available to students. Just sign up using a personal email here,

  • Finally, we may offer a Virtual Career Fair through the virtual Jobs if/when we see enough interest from employers. 

I know this is a very rough time for many. I am here to offer support and guidance, let's connect. 



Your job search is a process, a journey that can take shape any number of ways. It may take some of you very little time to land an opportunity while others it may take much longer. Regardless of the amount of time it takes to land a job, the steps are often very similar; preparing your employment documents, utilizing online search tools, maximizing your network, preparing for the interview, etc.

One key piece to not forget is balance. Stay focused, yet balanced as you work through your job search. Find time to do the things that you enjoy while using targeted energy for open positions and networking. Be flexible and remember that it only takes one employer to see your value. 

Student Employment System:  Student Log-in

SEARCH ON-CAMPUS JOBS (on-hold until we return!)

When we're back on campus, these are a great place to start for On-Campus Jobs:
Search On-Campus Tutor Jobs 

Search On-Campus Student Help Jobs

Search On-Campus Work-Study Jobs

The Student Employment System is the place to start searching for companies that want to hire Saddleback students. If you don't want to log-into your account, you can browse postings from these links:

View jobs by 'MAJOR' (no log-in required until you want details)

View all jobs posted in the last 5 days (no log-in required until you want details)

View all jobs in the 
Student Employment System
  (no log-in required until you want details)


Working on campus

Job Offer Comparison Chart

Research Jobs & Careers using Myplan

Glassdoor - Research Companies, Salaries, Interview Questions 

LinkedIn Job Search Guide for 2020 Grads

Orange County Non-Profit Volunteer Opportunities from OneOC

Search for Orange County City Job Openings

Search Orange County Government Internships

FIND LOCAL EMPLOYERS using California Labor Market info

Nova Lab - Science and engineering Competitions & Opportunities

MyNextMove - Onet

MyNextMove for Vets

Find Salary Range for Any Job using

Informational Interviews

Are you ready for the Gig Economy?

AI in Recruitment (overview video)

CNBC Article - 5 Tips to Meet Robot Approval when Applying to Jobs

Video on HireVue Interviewing Platform & AI

LinkedIn Jobs 


2019 Salary Guides from Robert Half 




Nearly everybody you ask has an opinion about resumes. Some of this advice is great, others not so much. Your challenge is to find a way to quickly convey your value - knowledge, skills, accomplishments to the reader/employer in a targeted way that speaks directly to the needs of the open position. 

You may only have 5-10 seconds to impress the reader - 1st impressions count. 

*If you want a critique of your current resume, upload it to your Gaucho Jobs student account. All initial resumes uploaded into the system will receive a quick critique. 

Your Resume is your 1st Interview

The Orange County Resume Survey 

Resume Workshop (.pptx)

Resume Workshop Nutrition 2020

Resume Action Verbs .pdf

Sample Functional Resume

Sample Chronological Resume

Sample Combination Resume

Sample Human Services Resume

Sample Nursing Resume

Glassdoor Resume Guide

(Sample Federal Resume) 

(Match your Resume to the Job Description) 

(Find standard job descriptions for job titles)


Sample Cover Letter

Cover Letter Guide



'STAR' Technique for Behavior-based interview questions

Forbes: Ten Interview Questions to trick you!

Use Glassdoor to search for real stories on how companies conduct interviews 

-Glassdoor Interview Guide

30 Prep Tips for Job Interview Success 

What to wear for interviews?

Nurse Behavior Interview Guide

16 Interview Personalities at a Job Interview (funny)

Ready Prep Interview  


State by State Labor Laws

Fact Sheet #71 - Department of Labor and Unpaid Internships


Social media has become a standard in the job search and recruitment process for job seekers across industries. Often, your social media content can make or break your chances of landing your ideal position. Over the last few years, recruiters across industries have strongly suggested that all students create a professional LinkedIn profile.

If you're new to LinkedIn, do your research and watch some videos on how to put together a strong profile. Here's a quick guide for beginners. 

Are employers using social media to recruit? Absolutely - read the results here

Article: Social Media and your Job Search

Thanks for taking a look, hopefully you found something of value!