Working on Campus


  1. Federal Work Study (FWS): Many students receiving Federal Work Study (FWS) as a part of their Financial Assistance package work in departments and divisions across campus. Students must first connect with the Financial Assistance Office (FAO), to determine eligibility for these openings.
  2. Work at the Bookstore: The Saddleback College bookstore, Follett, may have openings. Either drop by and ask for the Manager or check online here
  3. Work in the Cafeteria: The Saddleback College Cafeteria may have openings. Drop by the Cafeteria on the 2nd floor of SSC and ask to speak with a Manager. 
  4. Work at the Drip Coffee Stands: The Drip Coffee does their own hiring. Stop by a location or check online at
  5. Work for Saddleback College: For the official openings at Saddleback College and SOCCCD, check here Try searching the 'Temporary and Short-Term' staff positions!
  6. Try searching the Student Employment System, the official student employment system,