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Welcome! As the Career Placement Officer, part of my role is to offer organizations opportunities to recruit students on campus. Please see the options listed below and contact me if you have any questions!



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Gaucho Jobs is our student employment system. The software behind the program is Symplicity, which is used by many other campuses. 


Job Fair

  • OCR is FREE! Host a recruiting table at one of six locations on campus! You pick the day and time, I'll provide the canopy/table/chairs.  
  • OCR LOCATIONS: (you select on request form) https://www.saddleback.edu/maps
    • Fine Arts: Your canopy will be placed outside on the grass along the walkway at the Main Entrance to the Saddleback College Fine Arts Complex. With Theater Production, Acting, Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Ceramics, and related programs taught in this area, this may be a great location to find related talent!
    • Health Science Building Main: Your canopy will be placed on the patio outside the main entrance to the HS building. With Health Science and Human Services programs in this building, this is a great option to target those students.
    • LRC: Your canopy will be placed on the entrance patio in front of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Main Entrance. This is our campus library, tutoring center, as well as Liberal Arts and other classrooms. A great location for diverse talent!
    • Science Building Main: Your OCR canopy will be placed on the patio outside the main entrance to our new Science Building (SCI). If you're targeting talent in Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, or even Architectural Drafting, this may be a great location for your visit. 
    • The Quad: Your OCR canopy will be placed in the grass area between Student Services Center (SSC) and Business/General Studies (BGS) buildings. This location is our highest visibility and foot traffic. With student clubs/government, counseling, financial assistance, and academic departments like Liberal Arts, Business, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Accounting, Child Development, Fashion, Interior Design among others nearby, this location offers a great variety of possible talent!
    • Village (Lower Campus) Your canopy will be placed between Village 3 and Village 28 on the grass along the walkway. With Culinary, Nutrition, Graphic Design, Automotive, Computer Maintenance, Communications, Cinema/TV/Radio, and some Horticulture courses taught in this area, this is a great option to target those students.


Steps to request OCR:

  1.  Log-into your Gaucho Jobs employer account.
    (If you don't have an account, you'll need to Register for one first)
  2. On the homepage of your Gaucho Jobs employer account, find the 'REQUEST AN ON-CAMPUS RECRUITMENT VISIT (OCR)' link under the 'Shortcuts' menu. It looks like this...
  3. Complete and submit the Request form for each day you want to visit campus. 
  4. Once approved, you will receive an email with further details including parking permit and instructions. If there are problems with your request, we will reach out to you to confirm. 
  5. All approved OCR visits are listed on the Gaucho Jobs Calendar for students: http://bit.ly/sbcgauchojobscalendar
  • We hold one annual career fair in the Spring semester during April. 
  • We open registration in the Fall around October.
  • Employers in Gaucho Jobs will be notified first when Registration opens.
  • Registration is also sent via LinkedIn, so it's a good idea to connect with me!


(details and registration coming around October/November)

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  • The 'Saddleback College Career Network' group on LinkedIn now has 1100+ members and offers organizations an excellent opportunity to share recruiting and hiring needs with students, faculty, and other group members.
  • Visit our Facebook page and submit your post with employment opportunities or related information today.


  • 'The Lariat' is a faculty led, student publication with both print and online advertising options. Printed publications are distributed on both Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College campuses. Click here for advertising details: http://lariatnews.com/advertising/

2018 career fair 2018 career fair 2018 career fair2018 career fair 2018 career fair

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