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Geology Instructor
Physical Sciences
Math, Science and Engineering
Saddleback College

Ph.D., Geology, U.C. Santa Cruz, 1998
B.A., Geology, U.C. Berkeley, 1991

I have been a member of the Saddleback faculty since 1996, after having begun my college career at Saddleback back in the 80's. While a Saddleback student I fell in love with Earth Sciences after considering Art, Political Science, and Environmental Studies. My focus in graduate school was geomorphology, the study of Earth surface processes. My Ph.D. project was a study of landscape evolution in southern Utah due to past changes in climate, and included significant field work as well as a knowledge of climate mechanisms and radiometric dating techniques.

As much as I enjoy doing research, my main goal was always to teach at some level. I've always been interested in how things work, and studying the mechanisms and processes of the Earth led to a general interest in how other planets have evolved and ultimately to curiosity about the evolution of the universe. Teaching, especially at the college level, allows plenty of time to explore and to talk about these kinds of questions.

I am also currently serving as department chair for Earth Science.

For specific information about your course (including syllabi and handouts), check on Canvas about a week before the semester begins...

Courses I teach:

Geol 01 Physical Geology
Geol 02 Historical Geology
Geol 03 Geology of California
Geol 04 Natural Disasters
Geol 07 Weather & Climate
Geol 20 Introduction to Earth ScienceGeol/Env 23 Environmental Geology
Astr/Geol 21 The Solar System (Planetary Geology)

Astr 20 Introduction to Astronomy

Field Studies Courses:

Geol 170 National Parks and Monuments
Geol 172 Mojave Desert
Geol 173 Death Valley
Geol 174 Eastern Sierra Nevada
Geol 182 Coast Ranges/Morro Bay
Geol 185 Yosemite National Park
Geol 186 Southern Colorado Plateau
Geol 191 Northern Colorado Plateau