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949 582-4701 (HSHS Div)
Human Services Instructor
Human Services
Health Sciences & Human Services
SC - HS 235 - Office
Saddleback College

Since fall 2010, I have had the pleasure of serving as the Chair and Professor of the Human Services Program. Teaching has been a life-long dream and I believe it is my calling!

As an ‘adult learner,’ I returned to school (LA City College) to begin a 2nd career in Human Services (HS). I began my HS journey as a "Chemical Dependency Counselor" working with adults with co-occurring disorders and fell in love with the population. I completed the AS degree for Human Services and the Certificate of Achievement for Chemical Dependency Counseling. I continued my educational journey and have a Masters of Social Work degree and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

I have worked as a counselor, case manager, group facilitator, therapist as an Associate Clinical Social Worker, and, the last position that I held prior to joining Saddleback College was as the Director of a Drug Treatment Furlough (DTF) program for 4-years. The DTF was a residential program for female inmates who completed their "sentences" in a community-based DTF.

During my Human Services/Social Work career, I worked with adults with chronic and persistent mental illness, homelessness, and forensic backgrounds (jails and prisons). Also, I worked as a group facilitator and counselor for adults considered High-Risk Sex Offenders (HRSO), who had served sentences for various sex offense crimes.

My passion is to promote social justice and increase compassion for people with mental health diagnoses and substance use disorders and to help 'erase the stigma' of such individuals. 

On a personal note, I enjoy spending my free time with my husband, of 20-years this year (2018), our beloved cat, and our family and friends.