Kelly McBean

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Bus Sci & Vocation Ed & Econ Dev Associate Faculty
Computer Information Management
Business and General Studies
Saddleback College

California Polytechnic University, Pomona
Major: Computer Information Systems
Degree: BA 1994 

With over 21 years of programming experience, Kelly has worked in a lot of different environments using many different technologies and programming languages. Even though he graduated from Cal Poly in 1994, he’s stayed current with the constantly evolving environment of computer programming by continuing to take programming courses. Having enrolled at Saddleback College as a student back in 1996, he’s in a unique position that he can relate to the student experience in addition to completing most of the CIM certificates offered at Saddleback College. The industry experience coupled with that unique student perspective allows him to provide an opportunity for the student to learn and ultimately succeed in the dynamic field of computer programming.