Liberal Arts Division

Mission Statement

Kevin O'Connor, Ph.D. Dean of Liberal Arts

Members of the Liberal Arts Division value student engagement and innovative teaching and learning. We model and cultivate collegial habits that inspire independent, critical thinking and viewpoints. We choose practices that address the needs of a diverse community unified by its common interest in helping one another reach clear academic, personal, and career goals. Our Division welcomes and supports people of all economic backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, races, nationalities, ages, religions, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Kevin O'Connor, Ph.D.

In order to achieve our Division Mission, we do the following:

  • Always communicate in a manner that is timely, responsive, and helpful
  • Participate in our professional development
  • Model practices that promote engaged teaching, learning, and service to others
  • Demonstrate supportive behaviors that encourage our students and ourselves to be directed, focused, nurtured, engaged, connected, and valued

Student Success

Aligned with the above-mentioned goals are six factors we believe are crucial to students’ engagement with the College and the value we place on them as learners. These six factors form the basis for the RP Group's student-focused investigation of support. 

Six Factors of College Success

  1. Directed: students have a goal and know how to achieve it.
    Helping students clarify their aspirations, select an educational focus they perceive as meaningful, and create a plan that moves them from enrollment to achieving their goal.
  2. Focused: students stay on track, keeping their eyes on the prize.
    Fostering students’ motivation and helping them develop the skills needed to achieve their goals.
  3. Nurtured: students feel that somebody wants and helps them to succeed.
    Conveying a sense of caring where students’ success is important and expected.
  4. Engaged: students actively participate in class and extra-curricular activities.
    Actively involving students in meaningful and authentic educational experiences and activities inside and outside of the classroom.
  5. Connected: students feel that they are part of the college community.
    Creating connections between students and the institution, while cultivating relationships that underscore how students’ involvement with the college community can contribute to their academic and personal success.
  6. Valued: students' skills, talents, abilities and experiences are recognized; they have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel that their contributions are appreciated.
    Providing students with opportunities to contribute to and enrich the college culture and community.

Student Success Resources

The following resources provide background and reflection on topics that inform Liberal Arts practices and pedagogy: