Academic Support Centers & Labs

The Liberal Arts Division includes several academic support centers and labs that provide targeted support for our courses and the skills and abilities they teach. For more information, please refer to the following sections regarding each center and lab.

Academic Reading Center


Academic Reading Center Image


The Academic Reading Center is dedicated to facilitating student achievement and academic success. Modern technology and software programs form the core of the independent reading labs, further complementing academic maturation and success for our students. The multi-level reading program includes both a range of developmental and college-level classes and independent labs designed to aid our students.



Journalism and New Media Lab


Journalism Lab Image


The Journalism and New Media Lab is the essential place to develop news reporting and technical skills while creating content for the Lariat newspaper, Orange Appeal magazine, the OC News Team which airs on Channel 39, and other student-run news outlets on the web and social media. The lab features state of the art software and provides access to equipment used by industry professionals across traditional and digital platforms.



Language Lab


Language Lab Image


The Language Lab specializes in clearing courses that have a language prerequisite. A prerequisite is a course that must be taken and passed with a grade of C or better before moving up to the next course in a sequence. A corequisite is a companion course that is required to be taken concurrently with the target courses; the corequisite labs for International Languages are hosted by the Language Lab.



Writing Center


Writing Center Image

The Writing Center both encourages and guides students to learn about writing concepts such as tone, perspective, context and exposition, to name a few; enhance their writing skills to communicate vivid and organized ideas through the application of the aforementioned writing concepts; and seek assistance for their writing projects to achieve optimal success.