Chinese 901, 902, 903, 904

Chinese 901, 902, 903, 904

To fulfill the lab requirement for CHI 901, 902, 903, 904, you need to complete 24 hours of online independent study using the online program that accompanies your Integrated Chinese textbook and workbook.

Students may choose to do all 24 lab hours using Integrated Chinese online exercises to mee the lab requirement.

In addition to, or in combination with, online Integrated Chinese online exercises students may choose to view Chinese language films and write a film report for up to 12 hours of lab credit.

There is some flexibility for the student to meet the 24 hour lab requirement by doing everything online using Integrated Chinese, or by using both Integrated Chinese online and watching Chinese films (see guidelines for films in Canvas Film Report Instructions).

If you have any questions about lab requirements, please contact the language lab.