Clearing Prerequisites

Clearing Prerequisites

Prerequisite Evaluation Request:

  • If you need a prerequisite clearance approval click on this link here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Students that have submitted official copies of their transcripts to Saddleback College will not automatically have prerequisites courses evaluated.   High school students that have submitted K-12 Special Admission Request Form to the Admissions & Records Office will not automatically have prerequisites courses evaluated.

Students are responsible for meeting and/or clearing all prerequisites for any course in which they plan to enroll in prior to their registration date. Prerequisite evaluation can take up to 5 business days to complete so please plan ahead by submitting your request at least 2 weeks prior to your registration period to avoid registration delays.

Document Requirements and Guidelines for Clearing Prerequisites

  • All unofficial college transcripts MUST include the student's name, the college/school name or logo.
  • All courses to be evaluated MUST be included on a transcript from where the course was taken. Transfer credits on a different college transcript cannot be used.
  • Photos of documents taken with a phone or a camera, screen prints taken from a computer website cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.
  • All courses to be evaluated must be completed and have a letter (C or above) or a credit (CR) (no C-, D or F) grade. In some cases, in-progress courses can be used to clear a prerequisite but must be visible on the student’s transcript as "In-Progress".
  • Degree Audits or Degree Checks and enrollment verification documents are not considered transcripts and cannot be used for prerequisite evaluations.
  • Transcripts cannot be submitted in an editable format such as MS Word or Publisher. Cutting and pasting your transcript data into any document will not be accep
  • Complete and submit the online Saddleback College Prerequisite Evaluation Request form

Checking Your Prerequisite Clearances

  • Students can check all prerequisite clearances by adding the course(s) they wish to register for into the Saddleback College shopping cart (inside the class schedule) and a Pre-registration check is performed. If a prerequisite has been cleared, you will not receive a prerequisite error message. If this class is currently in your shopping cart you will need to remove it and add it back in to check the current status.
  • Some prerequisite evaluations do not show up in MySite at this time so you may be notified by that specific department when the evaluation has been completed.