ESL - Signing up for Classes

Getting Started: How Do I Sign Up for ESL Classes?

Here are the steps to sign up for ESL classes at Saddleback College:

  1. Apply to the College (You can skip this step if you took classes at Saddleback or Irvine Valley last semester.)
  2. Talk to an ESL Counselor
  3. Check 'MySite' for your registration time (If classes have already started you can skip this step).
  4. Register and pay for classes
  5. Come to the 1st Day of Class

NOTE: For more complete information or if you want more hands-on assistance with registration, just go to Admissions and Records office, SSC 102 during business hours or call them at (949) 582-4555.

For more information about Matriculation, please visit their office, SSC 225-B, during business hours or call them at (949) 582-4970.


Begin your Application

NOTE: You do not need to apply if you took classes at Saddleback or Irvine Valley last semester.

You will need a valid email address to apply online.

After you fill out the application you will receive an email from the college with your student ID number and information about registration. It may take a few days for you to get this email.


ESL Counselors can help you choose the best classes for you. Call them at (949) 348-6186 or (949)582-4569 for more information.

You can also email ESL Counselors directly:

Maryam Afshari (speaks Farsi),
Carolina Bonitatis (speaks Spanish)
Angel Torres (speaks Spanish),


Check MySite for your registration date

Each semester you have a date and time to register for classes. You can only register for classes AFTER this date and time.

  1. To find your registration date and time, log into your MySite account.
  2. On the left of the webpage you will see the words "My Classes". Click on "My Classes". Then, click on "Register for Classes". You will see your registration time or instructions on how to register for classes.


Register and Pay for Classes

Log onto your MySite account. On the left of the webpage you will see the words "My Classes". Click on "My Classes" and a new menu will open beneath it. Click on "Register for Classes" to begin the registration process.

You will need to follow these steps to register:

  1. Select the semester that you are registering for and click on the "Add/Drop Classes" button.
  2. You may be asked to update your records - if so, make sure the information is correct and click "Next". If the Update Records screen comes up again look at the top of the page to see what questions you still have to answer.
  3. You will next see a screen that look likes this:
    Registration Page
    To add a class, enter the Ticket Number for the class and click the "Add Class" button. The ticket number is on the Schedule of Classes. If the semester has already started you will also need an APC code to add the class. You will receive this from your instructor.  The website will check to see that you have any prerequisites needed for the class. If everything is good, you will see the class listed under the "Pending Changes to Your Schedule". You can add more classes if you want to now. When all the classes you want to add are listed under "Pending Changes to Your Schedule", click on "Next".
  4. The next screen gives you the cost of your classes. There is a $22 health fee that you have to pay even if you are taking a non-credit (0-unit) course.  You must decide whether to purchase an ASB stamp. This stamp is $10 and gives you discounts on and off campus. Read more about the ASG Stamp. After you have selected "Yes" or "No" for the stamp, click "Next".
  5. Finally, you will be asked to pay for the class and any fees. You can choose "Pay Later" if you don't want to pay now. You can pay by credit or debit card. After you have entered your payment information, click "Complete Registration". You will receive a confirmation that you are registered for the class! If you do not want to pay by credit or debit card, there are other options. Look at the Student Payment Office website for more information.
  6. You should check to make sure that you are registered correctly. Click on the "Current Classes" link on the left of the page. The classes that you are enrolled in should be listed.
  7. Be sure to log off of MySite after you have finished.


Come to the First Day of Class

You are now ready to come to class! Be sure to come a little early on the first day to have time to find parking and your classroom! We look forward to seeing you!  On the first day of class you should bring a pencil or pen, paper to write on, your class schedule, and your student ID. Be sure to come early because it can take time to find parking and to find your classroom.