Journalism and New Media Department

About the Journalism and New Media Department

Diversity and a commitment to excellence are the keys to the success of the Saddleback College Journalism and New Media program. The curriculum offers students instruction in the range of academic areas necessary to transfer to a four-year college or university as a communications major, with a Journalism and New Media Lab to further complement one's studies in the field. Emphasis is on teaching media law, ethics, history and theory. Program courses enable students to hone the skills needed to work in editorial departments of newspapers, magazines, industrial in-house publications, public relations programs in business or government, and related positions in the radio and television industry.

The Journalism and New Media program publishes the weekly student newspaper, the Lariat, a two-time winner of the national Pacemaker award, an Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame member, and Orange Appeal, an award-winning student magazine.

The Journalism and New Media department awards AA/AS degrees and Certificates in Journalism General and Writer Journalist. Saddleback College has a variety of Journalism courses to select from. For a full description of each course, please view the Course Catalog.

Journalism and New Media Courses

Course ID Course Title Units/Lec Hours/Lab Hours Prerequisites and Recommendations
JRN 1 Mass Media and Society
JRN 2 News Writing
Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 1A
JRN 105 Feature Writing
JRN 106 Video Journalism 3/3/1 Rec Prep: JRN 1 and CTVR 101
JRN 108 Introduction to Podcasting and Audio Storytelling 3/2/3 Rec Prep: JRN 2 or CTVR 111
JRN 111 News Media Production and Editing 4/3/3 Rec Prep: ENG 1A or JRN 2
JRN 112 News Media Production, Blogging and Social Media
Rec Prep: ENG 1A or JRN 2
JRN 125 Magazine Journalism
Rec Prep: Eligibility for ENG 1A ENG 3 or JRN 105

JRN 106 Students Chronicle Life During Covid

  • JRN/CTVR 106 Video Journalism is a production course offered in the Journalism & New Media Department here at Saddleback. The students are a part of the OC Newsteam and produce their show, OC Now, which is taped in Saddleback’s television studio and airs on Cox/SCTV Channel 39. VJ students produce video packages covering various campus and Orange County news, entertainment, sports and events, with their stories normally featured on the show OC Now. However, as we all know, Spring 2020 was anything but normal. Like so many of us had to do during these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the students quickly had to adjust and improvise with what they had on hand and at home, since on campus professional equipment was no longer an option. It was now time to rely on personal resources—their beloved cell phone! In a joint effort with CTVR department staff, the following compilation of videos is OC Newsteam’s first completed assignment from home titled Life in Lockdown.


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Journalism & New Media Department Chair

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Ali Dorri redman

Lab Tech, Journalism & New Media
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