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ENG 343NC: Academic Reading and Study Skills

English 343 (ENG 343NC) is a free, 0 unit class (does not show on transcripts) created specifically to provide students with academic reading and study skills refinement. This is an open-entry/open-exit course that allows students to either drop in for assistance with particular concerns or to develop more broad plans for continual progression over the semester (no minimum/maximum number of visits). This course is distinct from TU 300 because you will work independently under the guidance of a professor at the Academic Reading Center (in-person in LRC 215, or online by email or Zoom) for academic reading support that includes:

  • Understanding, organizing, and assimilating college reading assignments in any subject
  • Practicing study skills strategies such as annotation, mapping and Cornell note-taking
  • Utilizing effective memory and test taking strategies
  • Developing all levels of writing skills
  • Improving reading rate and comprehension

Come by and check out our facilities. It is a quiet and airy study area with beautiful window views. Study rooms are available and prioritized on a needs basis. Staff is available to answer your academic and technology questions.

Available for your use: WiFi, Zoom, computer stations, and printers.

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