ESL Resources

Places to Improve Your ESL Skills
Places to Help you Get Started Taking Classes
Places to Get Personal Help
Other Important Places on Campus

Places to Improve Your ESL Skills


Learning Resource Center Tutoring (LRC 212, (949) 582-4519)

Free tutoring for your ESL classes

Reading Lab (LRC 215-216, (949) 582-4539)

Lab Resources to help improve your reading skills. This is where you complete your ESL 888 hours.

Language Lab (LRC 215, (949) 582-4534)

Lab Resources to help you practice your English skills. This is where you complete your ESL999 hours.

Library (LRC 3rd Floor), (949) 582-4314)

Books, magazines, and resources for research.

Places to Help Get you Started Taking Classes


Matriculation Office (Village 8,  (949) 582-4970)

Go here to take the ESL assessment test and orientation.

Admissions and Records (SSC 102, (949) 582-4555)

Go here for help with applying to Saddleback, registering for classes, obtaining transcripts, and getting your student ID.

International Student Office (SSC 107, (949) 582-4637)

Check here for information on coming to Saddleback if you are an international student.

Financial Aid (SSC 106, (949) 582-4860)

Check here to see if you are eligible for financial assistance for credit classes.

Bookstore (SSC 134, (949) 582-4716)

Buy your textbooks, scantrons, and green books for your classes. Click here for the hours of the bookstore.

Places to Get Personal Help


Student Health Center (SSC 177,  (949) 582-4606

Physical and mental health services free for all students enrolled in classes at Saddleback.

Counseling Office (SSC 167, (949) 582-4572)

Go here for academic or personal counseling help. Be sure to call or go online to make an appointment first.

Disabled Students Programs and Services-Special Services (DSPS) (SSC 113,  (949) 582-4885)

Support services for students with verifiable disabilities.

Other Important Places on Campus


Child Development Center (CDC, (949) 582-4582)

Child care for children aged 18 months - 6 years. Fees apply.

Parking Office (Village by Lot 2, (949) 582-4585)

Purchase parking permits.

Campus Police Office (Village by Lot 2, (949) 582-4585)

Go here for questions about campus safety or to appeal a campus parking ticket.

Bus Stop (Located by Lot 13 at turnaround)

To plan your bus trip to campus, check out the OCTA webpage. Bus Lines 85 and 91 stop here (updated May 2018).