International Languages

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Co-Chair, International Languages Department
Coordinator, Language Lab

Amina Yassine
Co-Chair, International Languages Department


Office: LRC 320
Phone: (949) 582-4985
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Office: LRC 321 A
Phone: (949) 582-4726
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The International Languages Department offers university-parallel courses in eleven languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Also included under most languages are Introduction to Culture courses, taught in English and conversation courses.  Students have access to state-of-the-art language laboratory and computer technology.

The International Languages Department awards AA degrees in General International Languages. Saddleback college has a variety of international language courses to select from. For a full Description of each course, please check the course catalog.

Saddleback College is committed to helping students select appropriate level courses to provide the greatest chance for their academic success. Information relating to prerequisites, co-requisites, and recommended preparations are printed in bold as part of the course descriptions in the catalog and indicated with an asterisk (and by a "LOCK" symbol for prerequisite courses) next to the ticket number in the schedule of classes.

What is a Prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course that must be taken and passed with a grade of C or better before moving up to the next course in a sequence. Example: English 200 must be passed with a C or better before a student is eligible to enroll in English 1A.

What is a Co-requisite?

A co-requisite is a companion course that is required to be taken concurrently with the target course. The information presented, or the practice gained, in the co-requisite course is considered necessary for success in the target course. Example: English 340 has a co-requisite English 341 (reading lab) and students must be concurrently enrolled in both classes.

Students are responsible for meeting and/or clearing all prerequisites for any course in which they plan to enroll in. Prerequisite code clearances for international languages are completed by the Language Lab (LRC 202).

Co-requisite language lab hours may be completed in the Language Lab (LRC 202) or online in select languages.