Writing Center

The Writing Center houses sections of ENG 201, a supplemental course taught in conjunction with ENG 1A. ENG 201 provides instruction in the basic conventions of college essay writing to supplement the concurrent ENG 1A course. In ENG 201, students receive additional support for topics covered in ENG 1A. Successful completion of ENG 201 and ENG 1A allows the student to enroll in ENG 1B.

Location and Phone Number

Location: LRC 230

Phone: (949) 582 - 4784

Embedded Support Links

Sections of English 201 provide embedded support from across the campus, including the counseling center, the tutoring center, and the library.


Academic Counseling

Professional counselors are available to discuss and help you discover your academic goals, plan your educational program, and develop a comprehensive academic plan MAP.  Counselors can also assist you in the decision making process of selecting a college or university and examine entrance major, and general education requirements.

Successful students see a counselor at least once a semester.  Visit the counseling webpage for more information.

Online Counseling

Online counseling appointments are available for the following:

  • Reviewing and approving your MAP
  • Answering questions related to Transfer, Degree, and Certificate requirements
  • Answering general questions about Saddleback College
  • Discussing Majors and Careers
  • Evaluating Transcripts
  • Discussing Saddleback courses, polices, and procedures

Visit the online counseling webpage for more information.


All students are encouraged to use the Learning Resource Center (LRC 212), for one-on-one tutoring. Please make an appointment (in person) with an English tutor for help with writing assignments. Tutoring is free of charge. More information is below:

The Saddleback Library

Become an Information Technology Pro:

  • Attend the library's free workshops to learn the basics.
  • Take the library's credit courses (LIB 100 and LIB 2) to become skilled at utilizing information technology. 

Ask a Librarian:

Meet with a Librarian:

  • Schedule a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with a librarian in the librarian’s office:

For details, visit the library website

Jack Beckham redman

Writing Center Coordinator
Office(s): LRC 140
Phone: (949) 582 - 4477
E-mail: jbeckham@saddleback.edu