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Social & Behavioral Sciences Associate Faculty
Social Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences
SC - BGS 318 - Office
Saddleback College

Cultural Studies

PhD. (In progress), Cultural Studies, Women's and Gender Studies focus at Claremont Graduate University


M.A., Applied Anthropology from California State University, Long Beach

B.A., Global Studies with an emphasis in Latin America from University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests


Lindsay Donaldson is a PhD fellow in the Cultural Studies program at Claremont Graduate University. 

She is currently conducting ethnographic research on gender performativity and mothering in suburban areas of South Orange County. She is a part-time Cultural Anthropology instructor and Faculty Tutorial Specialist at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. 

Between 2005 and 2008, Professor Donaldson conducted research in the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico. While she was initially studying women's domestic roles after conversion from Catholicism to Protestantism, her final master's thesis focused on California missionary applications of sustainable community development programs. 

Donaldson has also conducted ethnographic research on “newcomer” high school students who had recently immigrated to the United States. Research topics included their adaptation in classroom, study skills, home lives, and personal narratives on experiences. 




-Donaldson, Lindsay. 2020. "Covid-19, (In)visible Mothers, and the State." Covid-19, Fieldsights,
May 11.

-Review: “Botox Nation: Changing the Face of America by Dana Berkowitz”. Women’s
Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (2018)

-William Phillips author biography for the Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature

-Camille Pagalia author biography for the Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature

-Men’s Studies/Masculinity Studies subject study entry for the Concise Oxford Companion to
American Literature (Forthcoming)


Courses Taught


Gender Studies 20 Gender and Contemporary Society

Anthropology 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 

Anthropology 1 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology 

History 100 U.S. History and the Constitution 

Political Science 101 Introduction to Political Science