Applied and Advanced Technologies

About Applied and Advanced Technologies

The Learning Pathway in Applied and Advanced Technologies will allow you to gain hands-on technical skills for success in various tech and consumer services industry sectors such as automotive technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, hospitality, travel and tourism, manufacturing, and computer technology. Math Level: +

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Applied and Advanced Technologies

Sample Career Titles: 3D Product Designer, Automotive Technician, Chef, Cosmetologist, Drafting Technologist, Electro-Mechanical Technician, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer.

Related Skills: Problem-solving, building, fixing, understanding mechanics, using technology, dexterity.


Advanced Culinary Arts | AS, Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing | AS, Certificate
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Specialist | AS, Certificate
Analog and Digital Circuit Electronic Technology | AS, Certificate
Applications Developer | AS, Certificate
Automotive Chassis Specialist | AS, Certificate
Automotive Engine Performance Specialist | AS, Certificate
Automotive Engine Service Specialist | AS, Certificate
Basic Analog and Digital Electronics | OSA
Basic Culinary Arts | AS, Certificate
Catering | AS, Certificate
Computer Graphics | AS, Certificate
Computer Maintenance Technology | AS, Certificate
Construction Inspection | AS, Certificate
Cosmetology | Certificate
Cyber Operations | Certificate
Cybersecurity/Information Security Analyst | Certificate
Digital Electronic Technology | AS, Certificate
Drafting Technology | AS, Certificate
Ecological Restoration | Certificate
E-Commerce Specialist | AS, Certificate
Esthetician | AS, Certificate
General Automotive Technician | AS, Certificate
General Electronic Technology | AS, Certificate
Graphic Communications | AS, Certificate
Graphic Design | AS, Certificate
Hospitality Management | AS-T
Illustration/Animation | AA, Certificate
Industrial Automation Fundamentals | Certificate
Information Security: Security | OSA
Interior Design Assistant | AS, Certificate
Interior Design Professional | Certificate
Interiors Merchandising | Certificate
Liberal Studies | AA
Medical Scribe | Certificate
Network Administrator | AS, Certificate
Plant Identification | OSA
Software Specialist | AS, Certificate
Surface Design | Certificate
Travel and Tourism | AS, Certificate
Webmaster | AS, Certificate

AA: Associate in Arts
AA-T: Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS: Associate of Science
AS-T: Associate of Science for Transfer
Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
OSA: Occupational Skills Award