Arts, Design, and Entertainment

About Arts, Design, and Entertainment

The Learning Pathway in Arts, Design, and Entertainment will allow you to gain skills in artistic expression, community engagement and entrepreneurship to prepare for work in various creative fields. These programs lead to transfer and industry opportunities in the visual and performing arts, entertainment, and in both creative and industrial design. Math Level: +

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Arts, Design, and Entertainment

Sample Career Titles: Actor, Animator, Artist, Curator, Dancer, Film Editor, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Musician, Theatre Technician.

Related Skills: Creativity, expression, independence, integrity, intuition, innovation, openness.


Accessory Design | OSA
Advanced Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing | Certificate
Architecture | AS, Certificate
Art | AA 
Art History | AA-T
Basic Costume Construction and Sourcing | OSA
Biomedical Illustration | Certificate
Cinema-Television-Radio | AS, Certificate
Cinema-Television-Radio Career Skills | Certificate
Computer Graphics | AS, Certificate
Dance | AA
Drafting Technology | AS, Certificate
Event Planner | OSA
Fashion Design | AS, Certificate
Fashion Display and Presentation | AS, Certificate
Fashion Merchandising | AS, Certificate
Fashion Stylist | OSA
Fashion Technology | OSA
Film, Television, and Electronic Media | AS-T
Foods | AS, Certificate
General Studies - Arts & Humanities | AA
General Horticulture | OSA
General Landscape Design | OSA
Graphic Communications | AS, Certificate
Graphic Design | AS, Certificate
Illustration/Animation | AA, Certificate
Interior Design Assistant | AS, Certificate
Interior Design Professional | Certificate
Interiors Merchandising | Certificate
Liberal Studies | AA
Music | AA, AA-T
Music Production | OSA
Music Production Entrepreneurship | Certificate
Photography | AA
Plant Identification  | OSA
Scenic Art and Painting | OSA
Studio Arts | AA-T
Surface Design | Certificate
Sustainable Fashion and Social Entrepreneurship | OSA
Sustainable Horticulture | AS, Certificate
Sustainable Landscape Design | AS, Certificate
Theatre Arts | AA-T
Theatre Arts Entertainment and Theatre Technology | Certificate
Theatre Arts Performance and Acting | AA
Theatre Arts Technical Theatre | AA
Visual Display and Presentation | Certificate
Web Designer | AS, Certificate
Wellness Gardening | Certificate

AA: Associate in Arts
AA-T: Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS: Associate of Science
AS-T: Associate of Science for Transfer
Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
OSA: Occupational Skills Award