Business and Economics

About Business and Economics

The Learning Pathway in Business and Economics will allow you to learn current practices and technical skills that will open doors to business, law, accounting, real estate, and other careers that drive the global economy of today and tomorrow. Math Level: +++

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Business and Economics

Sample Careers Titles: Attorney, Bookkeeper, Entrepreneur, Financial Planner, Event Planner, Global Business, Legal Professions, Marketing, Real Estate Broker.

Related Skills: Analysis, innovation, collaboration, drive, goal-oriented, interpersonal skills, persuasion, planning, vision.


Administrative Assistant
Business Administration
Business Leadership
Business Management
Computerized Accounting Specialist
Global Business
Real Estate
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Escrow
Retail Management
Retailing and Selling
Tax Preparation

Certificates/OSAs Only
Business Communications
General Business
New Media Marketing
Human Resources Management
Project Management