Health and Wellness

About Health and Wellness

The Learning Pathway in Health and Wellness will help you prepare for careers in the world of health research, medical treatments, mental health, health care professions, nursing, physical education, fitness instruction, and nutrition. This pathway will assist you in developing interpersonal skills, and giving hands-on patient care. Math Level: ++

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Health and Wellness

Sample Career Titles: Athletic Trainer, Coach, Fitness Instructor, Medical Assistant, Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Lab Technician, Nutritionist, Paramedic, Physical Education Instructor, Physical Therapist, Registered Nurse.

Related Skills: Patient care, concern for well-being, cooperation, decision making, dexterity, empathy, physical strength, using technology.


Alcohol and Drug Studies
Health Information Technology
Health Sciences
Medical Laboratory Technician
Mental Health Worker 
Nutrition and Dietetics
Registered Nurse
Sustainable Horticulture
Sustainable Landscape Design

Certificates/OSAs Only
Administrative Medical Assistant
Athletic Training
Clinical Medical Assistant
Comprehensive Medical Assistant
Eating Disorders Studies
Emergency Medical Technician
General Horticulture
General Landscape Design
Healthcare Technology Optimization Specialist
Medical Coding Specialist
Medical Insurance Billing
Plant Identification
Yoga Teacher Training