Literature and Languages

About Literature and Languages

Learn how to think critically and communicate effectively through analysis of creative expression and language. This pathway will prepare you for careers that engage with diverse points of view and cultures, leading to careers in media, translation and interpretation, journalism and teaching. Math Level: +

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Literature and Languages

Sample Career Titles: Editor, Teacher, Linguist, Curator, Communications Manager, Interpreter, Journalist, Librarian, Social Media Manager, Writer.

Related Skills: Analysis, collaboration, establishing rapport, inquiry, making connections, helpfulness, support, understanding of equity.


American Sign Language | AS, Certificate
Arabic | AA
Chinese | AA
Communication Studies | AA-T
English | AA-T
English Literature | AA
French | AA
German | AA
Humanities | AA
Italian | AA
Japanese | AA
Journalism | AS, AA-T, Certificate
Philosophy | AA, AA-T
Spanish | AA, AA-T

AA: Associate in Arts
AA-T: Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS: Associate of Science
AS-T: Associate of Science for Transfer
Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
OSA: Occupational Skills Award