Science, Engineering, and Pre-Med

About Science, Engineering, and Pre-Med

The Learning Pathway in Science, Engineering, and Pre-Med is designed for those who are curious about the natural world and how it works, prepare for careers in science, engineering and mathematics, as well as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Math Level: ++++

Sample Career Titles and Related Skills for Science, Engineering, and Pre-Med

Sample Career Titles: Biological Technician, Computer Engineer, Dentist, Engineer, Lab Technician, Mathematician, Mechanical Engineer, Pharmacist, Physician, Statistician.

Related Skills: Analysis, evaluation, investigation, logic, mathematics, observation, problem-solving, research.


Anthropology | AA, AA-T
Architecture | AS, Certificate
Astronomy | AS
Biology | AS, AS-T
Chemistry | AS
Computer Science | AS
Cyber Defense | AS 
Engineering | AS
Environmental Science | AS-T
Environmental Studies | AA, AS-T
General Studies - Natural Sciences | AA
Geography | AA, AA-T
Geology | AS-T
Liberal Studies | AA
Mathematics | AA, AS-T
Physics | AS, AS-T

AA: Associate in Arts
AA-T: Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS: Associate of Science
AS-T: Associate of Science for Transfer
Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
OSA: Occupational Skills Award